‘Monday Night Raw’ (2/22/21) Results And Review: Next Challenger For WWE Championship Revealed, Title Match Set For Next Week, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida. This was the fallout from Elimination Chamber the previous night. What happens now that The Miz is the NEW WWE Champion? How will Drew McIntyre respond?

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The show kicked off with John Morrison in the ring with balloons around. John introduced the NEW WWE Champion The Miz. Miz came out to the ring. The Miz welcomed everyone to Miz TV: Champions Edition. Miz talked about stepping in the ring 16 years ago and everyone thought he wouldn’t last a few months but here he stands as the WWE Champion. He says he has taken them all out like Batista and John Cena. He says they all don’t measure up to him. He calls himself the Babe Ruth of WWE. He said he told Drew that he would cash in on Drew to beat him and he did it. He calls himself a main eventer. He says he deserves it. Bobby Lashley came out to interrupt with MVP by his side. MVP congratulates THe Miz for his title win. He said Miz omitted the part where Bobby destroyed McIntyre so that Miz can beat Drew. Miz said he was getting to that but him and John have more celebrating. He excuses them but MVP brings up John costing Bobby the U.S. title. MVP says Bobby should get the first shot at the title. Miz said he promised that but he has a lot of gigs he has at the moment and has no time. MVP mentioned Miz saying Bobby Lashley couldn’t measure up to him. Lashley tells Miz that he has one hour to make his decision to give him the title match or else he will send him to the emergency room.

Riddle met up with Lucha House Party. They congratulate him on the title win. Riddle said he loves the eagle on the title and names it Travis. Lucha House Party mentions he has a match with John Morrison. Riddle gets on a scooter and rides his way to the ring.

Riddle Defeated John Morrison

A highlight package of Rhea Ripley is shown saying she is coming soon to Raw.

They show Bad Bunny’s performance on SNL.

Bad Bunny and Damien Priest were interviewed about what they are doing next on Raw. Bunny said it’s just the beginning and everyone should expect to see him here every week. They noticed Truth with a referee who was trying to hide him planning to pin Bunny. Priest said he just saw him with the ref. Truth praised Bunny’s song and having the 24/7 title on SNL. He wanted an autograph but left it in a locker room. He called Bad Bunny Bugs Bunny and Damien went up to his face to say it’s Bad Bunny. Truth apologized and left.

Miz yelled at Adam Pearce saying he should do something about Lashley. Adam agrees with Miz but he should take on all challenges such as Lashley. He respects whatever decision he makes but he should make it soon because the clock is ticking.

The New Day Defeated Retribution

Mustafa Ali came into the ring with a mic, yelling at Retribution. He asks how long does he have to deal with this crap.

Adam Pearce was in the ring, introducing Bobby Lashley out to the ring. Lashley and MVP came out. Pearce introduced The Miz out to the ring and he made his way out with John Morrison. Pearce asks Miz about his decision. Miz tells Lashley that he needs more time. Lashley said Miz is wasting his time. Miz said he is worried about honoring the respect of the title. MVP said Miz doesn’t have a deal with other stars except Lashley. Miz says he needs more time and wants to be at his best since the title deserves that. Miz said maybe they schedule it for next week. Braun Strowman interrupted and came out to the ring. Braun said he should be getting the shot. Braun accuses Adam and Shane McMahon for having a vendetta against him and he is more qualified. They all argue about it until Shane McMahon came out. Shane wants cooler heads to prevail. He tells Braun he can’t just demand a title match. Shane tells Braun he wasn’t in the Chamber because it was for people who were WWE Champions. Braun said that idea sucks, they suck and so does Bobby Lashley. Braun says he wants the title tonight. Shane says that idea sucks. Braun says he wants to challenge Lashley for a shot at the title. Shane and Adam agreed with that match and made the match. Shane says if Braun wins he will be added to the title match next week so it would be Miz vs. Lashley vs. Braun for the WWE title. Shane and Adam leave. Braun says that was the smartest decision Shane has made but then Lashley chop blocks the knee of Braun and escapes the ring.

The Hurt Business Defeated Lucha House Party

Damien Priest Defeated Angel Garza

The locker room came out to go after Bad Bunny for the 24/7 title but Priest and Bunny fought them off.

Randy Orton cut a video promo backstage saying failure is not a word he is all too familiar with but he is surrounded by it. Orton said he was the first man eliminated because of his distraction from Alexa Bliss and The Fiend. He talked about how The Fiend was a distraction so he set him on fire and he is not coming back. He says he can’t focus on the WWE because he is distracted by Alexa. Randy started choking and spitting out blood. He walked off the camera as blood was coming out of his mouth.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler Defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Charlotte tried to help Asuka up but Asuka refused. Charlotte left the ring as Asuka got back to her feet.

Sheamus Defeated Jeff Hardy

Charlotte Flair was talking with Ric Flair backstage. She said she can’t focus on what she is doing anymore because of him and Lacey’s pregnancy. She said she is trying to protect their legacy. She tells Ric to go home. Ric said he never said the baby was his and he saw potential in her. Charlotte said he has seen the same woman over and over. Ric thought he can motivate Lacey and Charlotte became a champion on her own. He says he was trying to expand their brand and he wants their name to be a household name. She said she doesn’t see it that way and Ric is trying to steal the spotlight. Charlotte thinks Ric still wants to be The Nature Boy on his time. She said she is thankful for everything she has done for her but she wants him to go home. She walks away.

Lana and Naomi Defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

AJ Styles Defeated Ricochet

Omos picked Ricochet up in the air and threw him back down on the mat after the match.

Miz and Morrison talk backstage to strategize until Braun Strowman went up to them. Miz and Morrison walked away as Braun was staring them down.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Braun Strowman To Face The Miz For The WWE Championship Next Week

Lashley attacked Braun and put him in the Hurt Lock. The Miz tried to attack Lashley but Lashley picked Miz up and slammed him down. Lashley speared Miz down. The show went off the air as Lashley and MVP celebrated.

Overall Review: I feel like this show revolved all around the WWE title picture with Lashley, Braun and Miz which admittedly was the most interesting parts of the show. Everything else was just there and the show was composited of long drawn out matches that didn’t need to be that long. They did spotlight Bad Bunny but not as much I would’ve expect. Again, I don’t mind Bad Bunny being there. I wouldn’t say he’s one of the most entertaining parts of the show but I like the pairing with him and Priest. Charlotte’s segment with Ric seems like that symbolizes the end of the whole storyline with Lacey Evans now that she won’t be in the ring for a while due to her pregnancy. This also looks like it is setting up a feud with Asuka and Charlotte with what happened in their tag match. The match itself didn’t turn out all that good especially with how it looked like Asuka legit got knocked out by Shayna in the match and everything else got sloppy afterwards including the accidental boot to the face to Asuka by Charlotte. The promo between Charlotte and Ric was better than that match honestly. The Orton promo I thought was freaky with the blood that came out of his mouth. I’m interested to see where that goes. All that’s left to really talk about was Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. The promos were good and I loved that they made Lashley look strong in the main event. Lashley stood tall at the end of the night which was great. As for Lashley facing Miz, I don’t know what they do there. Miz shouldn’t be beating him unless Lashley gets DQ’d or counted out because I don’t see Miz losing the title that soon either, not at least till Fastlane. Other than that, most of the show just had filler matches that just really could not keep me interest going and I was just waiting for the main event because that’s what really mattered the most on this night.

Grade: 5/10


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