‘Monday Night Raw’ (3/1/21) Results And Review: WWE Championship On The Line, Drew McIntyre Vs. Sheamus, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida. The show was headlined by a WWE Championship match as The Miz has his first title defense since winning it back at Elimination Chamber against the man that beat Braun Strowman last week, Bobby Lashley. The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes an appearance for the first time since losing the title at the Chamber.

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The show kicked off with Drew McIntyre coming out to the ring. Drew says it has been a hell of a month for him. He said Sheamus stabbed him in the back but he can’t wait for the two of them to beat the hell out of each other. He talks about winning the Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley attacking him and Miz cashing in Money In The Bank to win the WWE title. Drew says he has a clear vision in his head and that’s regain the title to main event WrestleMania. He says he will make it the #1 title in all of wrestling again. He tells Miz and Lashley they have the biggest target on their backs. He mentions Sheamus until The Miz and John Morrison interrupted. Miz says he would like to be officially introduced as the current WWE Champion. The ring announcer announces him as that and fireworks go off. Miz says he admires how Drew handled everything as any former champion should. Miz says it was only a matter of time before he became champion once again. Drew wants a hug from Miz but Miz says no. Miz says he shouldn’t be upset because it was what he was supposed to do as the Money In The Bank holder. he said Drew should blame Lashley. Drew says Miz will have to deal with Lashley tonight then Drew will be his problem. Miz said he didn’t need help from Lashley. He says Lashley threatened his well being and had to make the deal with Bobby. Miz tried to align himself with Drew until MVP interrupted. MVP says Miz is desperately rambling and Drew doesn’t buy it. MVP warns Miz that he will lose the title tonight and the match will begin at 9pm. MVP says Lashley will destroy him. Miz continues to talk Drew into allying himself with him until Sheamus came out. Sheamus says Drew won’t be able to be in shape to help anyone after tonight. Drew went right for Sheamus and the two men brawled outside the ring. Officials tried to separate them. Drew sent Sheamus over the barricade. They go to commercial break.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Sheamus

Naomi was shown heading to the ring for her match until Nia Jax went right up to her face. The two went face to face until they went to commercial break.

Nia Jax Defeated Naomi

Bobby Lashley came down to the ring for the WWE Championship match with The Miz. The Miz’s music hits but he doesn’t come out. MVP asked the ref what is going on. The Miz was holding his stomach backstage saying he is cramping up in his stomach. John Morrison and Adam Pearce was by his side. Adam said he will have to defend the title. Miz tells him he would but he is having bad cramps. Bobby Lashley ran backstage and pinned The Miz by the crates saying that he will defend the title weather he likes it or not. and he will beat him for it. Bobby lets him go as and Miz fell to the floor holding his stomach. Adam tells Miz that he has to defend the title by 10:00.

Braun Strowman made his way to the ring. Braun complains about Shane McMahon having something against him. He says how Elimination Chamber sucked without him. He says Shane and Adam Pearce are pissing him off and things will go extremely bad for them the more they piss him off. Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce came out and Shane tells Braun to relax. He says they are not laughing at Braun and wants to help him. He talks about having a conflict management course and Braun has a tag match to work to force him to work with WWE management for a resolution. Braun asked if Shane will be his partner and Shane tells him no. Shane says Braun’s partner is Adam Pearce. Braun says that idea sucks. Shane says they could do great things if they work together. Shane says they will compete for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Braun says it doesn’t sound bad but if Adam screws up he will get these hands. Braun grabs Adam and threatens him to not screw up. Shane and Adam try to calm him down.

The Hurt Business Defeated Braun Strowman and Adam pearce To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championship

Braun yells at Shane saying he is going to wreck this place and it will be on Shane’s head. Braun walks away.

Damien Priest was talking with Bad Bunny until Elias and Jaxson Ryker came up to him. They propose to Bad Bunny to drop a single together. Elias believes that Bunny agrees until Bunny talks in Spanish to Priest in which Priest tells Elias and Ryker that Bunny says no to their offer.

Elias and Ryker were in the ring. Elias says his album was snubbed by the Grammy’s and is pissed off about it. He says it is a great time to remind everyone that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He starts to play until Bad Bunny and Damien Priest come out.

Damien Priest Defeated Elias

They show highlights from last week between Bobby Lashley and The Miz. Then they show what happened earlier in the night with Miz having cramps and not being able to defend the title right there.

Miz and Morrison are seen heading to the ring from backstage.

Randy Orton was being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. She asked about what happened last week. He said he doesn’t know what happened but he knows Alexa Bliss has something to do with it. They show the footage fro last week. Randy talks about Alexa possibly ending up like The Fiend unless she stays out of his way until Alexa Bliss showed up on the screen with a toy box. She calls Randy silly. She winds it up saying “Bring Him Back.” She tells Randy there is something he should know. A demonic Randy Orton appeared on the screen in a demonic voice saying Randy will come face to face with everything he has ever done. As the demon Randy is laughing, Randy starts coughing viciously.

The Miz and Bobby Lashley were about to have their WWE title match until Miz tells them we should talk business and this isn’t the stage to have the match. He says Lashley has been waiting 16 years to have this match and he should do it at the biggest stage, WrestleMania. MVP disagrees and says to have the match now. The in ring introductions begin and the match starts.

Bobby Lashley Defeated The Miz By Countout, The Miz Retains The WWE Championship

Miz ran out out of the ring as soon as the bell rang. Lashley gets frustrated and leaves the ring with MVP.

Lashley yells at Shane McMahon backstage about what happened. Shane says he won’t let what Miz did slide and the title match will happen tonight. MVP yells that this is BS. Shane said he will consider stripping Miz of the WWE title and giving it to Lashley if Miz refuses to compete. MVP and Lashley walk off.

Charlotte Flair came out to the ring. She said the last few weeks has been a roller coaster. She said she didn’t want to be in the Women’s title picture and be Asuka’s tag partner. She reflects on telling her father to go home last week. She hypes up WrestleMania and mentions that Asuka has no challenger at the show. Charlotte says she wants to face Asuka at WrestleMania. She said Asuka is home injured due to Shayna kicking her in the face last week. Charlotte said Asuka will come back better than ever and when she comes back she will challenge her. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax came down to the ring. Shayna says Charlotte as usual focuses on herself. Shayna says she should remain tag partners with Asuka but then again she is the reason Asuka has no teeth. She tells Charlotte she could benefit for some help. Nia said no one in the locker room likes Charlotte. She says the power of the Women’s division has shifted and either her or Shayna will challenge Asuka. Charlotte said the locker room probably does want her to go home but here she is. She said she is simply Charlotte Flair. Charlotte attacked Shayna as she was right up in Shayna’s face. Nia helps Shayna attack Charlotte. They take Charlotte down and Nia leg drops her. They go to commercial break.

Charlotte Flair Defeated Shayna Baszler

Shane tells Adam backstage to go tell Lashley that if Miz won’t defend the title against him tonight then he will in fact strip Miz of the WWE Championship.

Lucha House Party and Riddle Defeated Retribution

Mustafa Ali yells at them and challenges Riddle to a match. He says he will show the group what Retribution is really all about.

Mustafa Ali Defeated Riddle

The Miz came up to Shane and Adam Pearce yelling at them for forcing him to face Lashley tonight. He asks if they will make it a no DQ match. Shane says he is not sure but he will defend the title for sure. Miz yells at them saying this company needs him as champion and he deserves to go to WrestleMania as champion. He says he is a main event champion and asks what kind of champion Lashley would be. Shane says he is not sure but it’s all on Miz now. He wishes Miz luck.

After the in ring introduction for Miz and Lashley’s title match, Shane McMahon came out saying that to make sure the title match is contested fairly, he brings out lumberjacks to make sure he doesn’t run away again.

Bobby Lashley Defeated The Miz To Become The NEW WWE Champion

Lashley put the Hurt Lock on Miz again and throws him back down. Lashley continued to celebrate with the title.

Overall Review: This was probably a better show than in recent weeks but still there were moments I could do without. The match with Sheamus and Drew going as long as it did really surprised me. If this was the blow off to their feud, I guess it’s cool. They really put on a hell of a match, probably match of the night I’ll give it that. I would’ve saved it for Fastlane but again I wouldn’t complain if this was the blow off match. Braun Strowman teaming with Adam Pearce for the tag titles was kind of weird and the finish of Adam being rolled up for the win kind of fell flat. They should’ve just distracted Braun somehow and Shelton hit his finisher on Pearce for the win. The Priest/Elias match went longer than it should but I guess it’s just part of the problem with these 3 hour Raw’s is that they drag these matches out so long. The segment with demonic Randy was cool but other than that, it was kind of the same deal as last week. Charlotte’s match with Shayna was what it was to build her up for a potential match with Asuka at WrestleMania and possibly throw in Rhea Ripley into the mix at least that’s what I think is going to happen. I’m all down for that. For the Riddle segments with Retribution, they should’ve just done a backstage segment or in ring segment with Ali and Riddle to get to their match rather than do a 6 man tag and turn it into a one on one like they always do on this show. The whole story playing out in the show of Miz trying to avoid facing Lashley for the WWE title I didn’t mind at all. I thought it was really good storytelling throughout the night to get to the main event and make sure you don’t change the channel at any point. Smart move but it came with a price to watch the whole thing. I was thrilled with what they did at the end. They took me by surprise. I did not expect that they would make Miz’s title reign this short. I thought Miz was going to hold on till Fastlane but they pulled the trigger on Lashley on a Raw. Lashley definitely deserves the title win and maybe Miz gets a rematch at Fastlane or something like that. We’ll see though.

Grade: 6/10



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