‘Monday Night Raw’ (3/15/21) Results And Review: Last Show Before ‘Fastlane,’ Title Change Takes Place, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida. The show featured two championship matches as Riddle defended the United States Championship against the leader of Retribution Mustafa Ali and the Raw Tag Team titles were up for grabs as The Hurt Business put them on the line against The New Day.

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The commentators announce that Bobby Lashley will defend the WWE Championship at WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre.

Bobby Lashley and MVP came out to the ring. MVP tells everyone that they have entered the All Mighty Era after 16 years. Lashley said he did exactly what he said he would do to win the title. He said he destroyed Drew at Elimination Chamber and he will do it again at WrestleMania. He said after that, he will go through the whole locker room. The Miz and John Morrison came out. Miz says Lashley’s speech is remarkable and congratulates him. They praise the All Mighty Era. Miz wants another shot at the WWE title at WrestleMania and compares it to Stone Cold vs. The Rock as well as other rivalries. Miz says he had to defend the title twice in one night with cramps and wants Lashley to fight him at full health. Drew McIntyre came out to interrupt as he locked eyes onto Lashley in the ring. Drew congratulates him on the title win and compares his title journey to Lashley’s. Drew talks about opportunities kept passing them by and how they scratched and clawed to get to the top. Drew talks about beating Brock Lesnar in 5 minutes last year. MVP tried to intervene but Drew calls him Lashley’s puppet master. Lashley tells him he needs to worry about him. Miz says Drew needs to worry about him too. Drew says he owes Miz one but he’ll give him two options to either attack him or run for his life. Drew says he will hurt him tonight and he will put Sheamus down at Fastlane. He says him and Lashley will beat the hell out of each other but he will come out as the champion in the end. Lashley and Drew were about to fight but then Lashley was about to leave the ring. Miz distracted Drew causing Lashley to attack Drew and leave the ring. Miz attacked Drew after Lashley left. As Lashley went up the stage, Sheamus came out and attacked Lashley until referees broke it up.

Sheamus was interviewed and asked why he attacked Lashley. He said he wants to beat Drew at a hundred percent and Lashley is sticking his nose in his business. He said he will beat Drew at Fastlane and he wants to beat Lashley tonight to show Drew who he really is.

Drew McIntyre Defeated The Miz

Braun Strowman was in the ring, calling Shane McMahon out as the show came back from break. Shane came out, saying he has no idea what Braun’s problem is with him. Braun says he has been bullied by guys like him his whole life. Shane says he finds Braun’s comments disgusting and he would never make fun of another human being. Braun says McMahon’s don’t apologize for anything and Shane got scared of him last week. He says Shane doesn’t have the guts to say what he wants to say to him because of what he might do to him. He says he wants a match with Shane tonight. Shane says Braun is stupid for even wanting to challenge him and keeps calling him stupid. Braun asks if he is going to answer the challenge or not. Shane accepts the challenge. Shane heads backstage.

R Truth confronted Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Lana and Naomi backstage with a Stone Cold vest for Stone Cold Appreciation Day. Rose tells Truth that 3:16 day is tomorrow. Truth offers them a drink but they remind him that they have a match. Truth drinks it and says Stone Cold’s catchphrase as he leaves.

Asuka came out during the tag match with Lana, Naomi, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke with Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax on commentary. Shayna went after Asuka but then Asuka knocked her down with a kick to the head. Referees separated them.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose Defeated Naomi and Lana

Riddle met up with The New Day wishing them luck on their tag title match. New Day compliment his scooter and claim they will be tag champions again. They wish Riddle luck on defending the U.S. title against Ali. Riddle says they could get matching tattoos to celebrate after tonight. They said they just met so that’s a no. Riddle says they could all be riding stallions on his scooter to celebrate. They agree and New Day head to the ring for the tag title match.

The New Day Defeated The Hurt Business To Become The NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

AJ Styles interrupted The New Day’s celebration with Omos as they made their way to the ring. Styles congratulated them but he says nobody cares. Styles said they don’t have anything planned for WrestleMania. He lists his accomplishments. Omos says him and AJ should be tag champs. AJ says Omos has been like a little brother to him and they want to face The New Day for the titles at WrestleMania. Kofi asks if they are even registered as a tag team and if they can even work as a team. Xavier accepts the challenge. Styles and Omos talk trash to New Day in the ring.

Miz and Morrison get confronted by Damien Priest and Bad Bunny. Damien points out that Miz is no longer WWE Champion and laugh at him. Morrison says Miz is still The Miz. Miz lists all of his accomplishments and asks Damien what titles has he won. Damien says maybe he can start with a victory over Miz. Miz and Morrison walk away. Truth sneaks up from behind Bunny but then Damien catches him. Truth shows Bunny a Stone Cold doll, championship and lunch box. He gives it all to Bunny. He points out to Truth that he wants his title back. Bunny says he respects Truth but he decides to give the 24/7 belt to Truth. Truth celebrates but then runs away as Raw Superstars go after him.

Damien Priest Defeated Jaxson Ryker

Elias attacked him after the match. He grabbed for his guitar and was about to swing at him until Bad Bunny stopped him. Elias grabbed Bunny and picked him up on his shoulders but Bunny got out. Bunny landed a right hand to Elias and Priest took Elias down with the Hit The Lights. John Morrison came out as Priest and Bunny were celebrating in the ring. He applauds them until Miz attacked Bunny with the guitar. Priest went after Miz but Miz escaped.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Bobby Lashley and MVP. MVP says the All Mighty Era has begun and he will make sure the exact same thing that happens to Sheamus tonight is the same thing that happens to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania.

As Braun Strowman made his way to the ring for his match with Shane, Shane grabbed a mic saying that he needs to give him a minute to warm up. Shane does push ups outside the ring and jumping jacks. Shane also does hop scotch until Braun chased after him. Braun managed to catch him and throw him against the barricade. Braun attacked Shane around ringside as the match didn’t start yet. As Braun charged at him, Shane grabbed the camera from the camera guy and nailed Braun with it. Shane attacked him over and over with it until he was laid out on the announce table. Shane went off the top rope and landed a diving elbow through the table on Braun! Shane yelled “Stupid!” at Braun. Braun grabbed a bucket from under the ring and dumped green slime onto him. Shane yells at him to never challenge him again. Shane walked away smiling as Braun yelled at him that he will rip him in half.

Alexa Bliss was swinging on her swing in her playground. She says it’s time to play a game of truth. She says Randy will have to take her out at Fastlane. She asks Randy if he will take it. She starts laughing maniacally.

Shayna came down to the ring for her match. as she came down a video promo to say that she will kick Asuka’s teeth out again. Asuka attacked Shayna before the match and went after Nia as well.

Asuka Defeated Shayna Baszler

Shayna had Asuka in the clutch and went to kick her again but Asuka blocked her. She nailed Shayna with a german suplex. Asuka attacked Shayna and kicked Shayna head first into the turnbuckle. Asuka exposed the turnbuckle pad and was about to kick Shayna into it but the referee stopped her.

Ali ripped Retribution apart backstage saying he is sick and tired of failure with the group. All of a sudden, Riddle rode through them with the scooter.

Riddle Defeated Mustafa Ali To Retain The United States Championship

Retribution went after Riddle but Riddle left the ring. Ali yelled at them.

Randy Orton was interviewed about Alexa’s challenge at Fastlane. He says he will kick her out of his life like she said she wanted him to do.

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. Drew says he has been watching the show and he knows MVP has made guarantees. He says that is a dangerous thing to do if you don’t deliver one. He talks about his match at Fastlane with Sheamus saying he will be the hell out of him. He said he will grab a chair and get a first hand view of Sheamus and Lashley.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Sheamus

Lashley got Sheamus in the Hurt Lock and threw him down. Drew and Lashley went face to face in the ring. Lashley got distracted which caused Drew to nail Lashley with the Claymore Kick. The show ends with Drew talking trash to Bobby who is recovering outside the ring.

 Overall Review: This was a solid show in terms of building towards WrestleMania. The opening segment was pretty good and it was to make Drew look dominant as he is now going to be facing Lashley for the title at Mania. I’m still predicting that Brock Lesnar comes back to be a part of the match even though he would’ve appeared by now if he was to come back. Drew did name drop in the promo so it could still happen. Sheamus and Lashley I thought had a great main event too. Sheamus has really been putting on outstanding matches lately and his match with Lashley was no different. The Braun Strowman/Shane McMahon segments were pretty well done except the comment with Braun saying he’s been dealing with bullies like him was dumb. Like stop having these big guys do the whole “I’ve been dealing with bullies” story. It’s been too overdone. Other than that, I had no other problem with how Shane destroyed Braun on this show. The green slime wasn’t really needed. I know it was to humiliate Braun and get some more heat on Shane but I feel like they could’ve done without it. It looks like were definitely getting Bad Bunny and Damien Priest having their match at WrestleMania against Miz and Morrison which is cool. Bad Bunny just giving up the title like that was anti climactic especially when they had Miz attack Bunny with the guitar anyways. They could’ve just had Priest chase after Miz and Morrison after that then have Truth slip in and pin Bunny to get the title back. It wouldn’t hurt Bunny too because Miz costed it for him which can add fuel to the fire on their rivalry. Asuka looked great coming back to really beat down Shayna. I’m not big on how she won it and Shayna keeping the lock on her but this was all to give Asuka momentum for WrestleMania as the champion. The Women’s tag match was okay but it was confusing when Naomi sort of disappeared in the last minute of the match. The New Day winning the titles again really surprised me. The match itself was probably my favorite of the night. AJ Styles and Omos coming out to challenge them for the titles was an even big shocker to me. It makes sense for AJ to go after those titles since that’s really the only titles he hasn’t gone after or won yet. The United States title match was pretty good and it was obvious Riddle wasn’t losing it just yet. I’ll say his goofy character has kind of gotten a little better but I hope at some point still they can get him to be more serious.

Grade: 6/10


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