‘Monday Night Raw’ Results (10/26): Randy Orton Appears on ‘A Moment of Bliss, ‘Survivor Series’ Matches Announced, More

Monday Night Raw

The post episode of Monday Night Raw following Hell in the Cell began with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre inside the Thunder-Dome.

McIntyre says he has been looking for the words to describe how he feels about losing his championship to Randy Orton twenty-four hours earlier. He says it is all on him and there are no excuses. He promises that he will be champion again and that he will get back up again. McIntyre reveals if anyone could read his mind, they would be scared. He is interrupted by Miz and Morrison. The Miz, newely Money in the Bank winner, decided to rub McIntyre’s loss in his face. McIntyre tells Miz and Morrison to watch themselves because he will drop them if need be.

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Miz reminds everyone that he is now Money in the Bank winner. He relives his previous successful cash-in years prior. Miz and Morrison tell McIntyre he should feel relieved, for there is no longer a target on his back. Morrison says he hopes it won’t take Drew another nineteen years to become champion. McIntyre gets tired of the duo and drops both Miz and Morrison. They roll out of the ring to escape, but McIntyre stomps Morrison’s sunglasses. Drew McIntyre promises a bad evening for both men.


A qualifying match to be on Team Raw for Survivor Series between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy is next.

Styles reminds everyone that he hasn’t lost since he returned to Raw two weeks ago. AJ says he will address the question that is on everyone’s mind: why is he in a qualifying match? He says that he should be captain of Team Raw, let alone qualify. Styles says if Jeff tries to pull what he did with his knee brace, then Styles’ associate will”make him wish he never put down the bottle”.  Jeff Hardy made his entrance and the match begins. Hardy and AJ pick up the speed quick, with Hardy hitting AJ to the outside. Hardy climbs to the top rope in order to put away AJ’s associate, but the big man catches him as we break for commercial.

Back and forth banter between the two veterans kept the match exciting and interesting. AJ tries to go for the Phenomenal Forearm early, but Hardy rolls out of the way and counters. Styles regains control with a neckbreaker, but Jeff counters himself with a jawbreaker. Hardy goes for a pinfall, but AJ kicks out. After a few more minutes of these two hitting each other with everything they had, AJ Styles hits Jeff Hardy with the Phenomenal Forearm to win the match.

      Winner: AJ Styles with the Phenomenal Forearm, winning himself a spot on Team Raw

  After the match, Elias dropped Jeff Hardy and stood tall.


R-Truth says he will scout the tag match between his recent adversaries for the 24/7 championship. After being asked about how dangerous that decision he is, he babbles on how everything he does is dangerous and that his middle name is R- Franklin Dangerous Copperpot Truth.

Drew Gulack and Akira Tozawa take on Lucha House Party in a tag match. Tozawa and Lince Dorado start things off. Tozawa tags in Gulack early, both bringing down Dorado. R-Truth then comes out to scout. However, everyone forgets about the tag match and goes after Truth for the 24/7 title. Lucha House Party wins the tag match, but all focus is on R-Truth as he runs to the back.

  Winner: Lucha House Party via pinfall

The Firefly Funhouse is coming up next and we go for commercial.

When we return, Bray Wyatt is dressed like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He introduces the special guest, Alexa Bliss. She is dressed like Alice and has brought tea. Rambling Rabbit says it is delicious and asks what is in it. She lists things such as strawberry and peach, but the secret ingredient is arsenic. Rambling Rabbit dies and they laugh. Wyatt says she is fitting in, for they are all mad in here. Bliss asks how does he know that she is mad. Wyatt answers she would not fit in if she wasn’t. Wyatt covers her eyes with his gloved hand and then removes it. Alexa’s eyes are glowing red as she replies, ” Let. Him. In.” Alexa then says Randy Orton will be her guest on A Moment of Bliss. Wyatt goes into a trance, but soon snaps out of it. Rambling Rabbit comes back to life before Bray Wyatt kills him again with a hammer.


Keith Lee says he cannot focus on the past, but at the business at hand. He needs to turn his attention to Elias in order to join Team Raw at Survivor Series.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler approach Adam Pearce. They both think they are team captain of the women’s Raw team for Survivor Series. Pearce says neither are the captain, but he will take their list and take their picks for the team under consideration. Pearce says he will let them know by the end of the night.

Elias is out in the ring, saying he is happy to put Jeff Hardy behind him. He says he will sing a song in celebration, for he is about to beat Keith Lee to join Team Raw. Before he can start, Lee interrupts for his match. Keith Lee has a disgusted look on his face, upset still from the previous week.

After Elias got the better hand of Keith Lee, he went to finish the job from the top rope. However, Jeff Hardy’s music hit, distracting Elias. Keith Lee took advantage, grabbed Elias, and put him away with the Spirit Bomb. After the match, Jeff Hardy got his revenge by dropping Elias with a guitar across the back.

         Winner: Keith Lee, Earning a Spot on Team Raw at Survivor Series

    The Hurt Business is shown bullying a backstage hand for using their bathroom as we go for commercial.

Randy Orton is asked if he is concerned The Fiend will make an appearance during Moment of Bliss. Orton says that he isn’t concerned on bit, that everyone else should be concerned if they cross Randy Orton.

The Hurt Business vs. Retribution in an eight-man elimination tag team match is next. MVP gives an official announcement from the Hurt Business. They say they were not like the rest of the roster, that Hurt Business saw Retribution as an investment. They say that after they get rid of Retribution, they expect to be paid in gold.

Retribution makes their entrance and the match begins.

1st Elimination: Slapjack eliminates MVP, due to the distraction from Reckoning of Retribution. She scratches at herself, screaming to “get it off”. We go to commercial as everyone in the match watches her in horror.

When we return, we see that Reckoning was faking it and that the referee sends her away.

2nd Elimination: Bobby Lashley eliminates Slapjack via pinfall.

3rd Elimination: Bobby Lashley and T-Bar are eliminated via double countout.

4th Elimination: Mace is eliminated by Shelton Benjamin via pinfall.

5th Elimination: Mustafa Ali is eliminated via disqualification by hitting Cedric Alexander with a chair.

The Hurt Business run Ali off to protect Cedric Alexander.

  Winners: The Hurt Business via Disqualification

Angel Garza is shown backstage hitting on Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Both ladies turn him down. When Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler show up, he tries to sweeten up to them as well. Baszler scoffs at him and tells him to leave. Nia grabs the rose and winks at him as he walks away. Nia and Shayna go to tell Rose and Brooke they better listen if they end up on their team at Survivor Series. Dana tells them they better watch their backs and titles. Nia Jax laughs at them as they leave. Baszler looks at her tag-team partner in disgust over Jax flirting with Garza.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring for his match against The Miz.

McIntyre gets the upperhand on Miz quickly. Drew throws Miz in the corner, beating him down. Miz tries to fight back by kicking Drew in the kneecap, but McIntyre is back on him. Miz is able to gain the upperhand, by throwing Drew into the ring post outside. Miz throws McIntyre back in the ring and goes for a pinfall, but is unsuccessful. Even after hitting Drew with many offensive moves and a distraction from Morrison, Miz could not keep him down. Drew McIntyre hit Miz with the Claymore for the win.

      Drew McIntyre defeats The Miz via pinfall by the Claymore Kick

Dressed as The Street Profits, Kofi Kingston and Xavior Woods introduce their match against the Smackdown tag champs at Survivor Series. Asuka enters and they introduce her match with Sasha Banks. The Hurt Business interrupts and says Bobby Lashley will take on Sami Zayn. MVP also puts New Day on notice, saying they are going after their titles.

Adam Pearce is in the ring to announce Team Raw for the women’s Survivor Series match. He announces that Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke are on the team. Nia and Shayna bicker about who is the team captain, but Pearce interrupts them. He says the fifth and final member will be decided in the following fatal-four-way match between Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce, and Lana.

After Peyton Royce goes to win, Lana drags her out of the ring and pins Nikki Cross for the win. The other four members of the Raw Team for the women’s Survivor Series match look on in shock. Nia invites Lana in for a hug. Baszler clears the announce table as Nia puts Lana through the table for the sixth time.

      Lana wins via pinfall, earning a place on the Raw women’s Survivor Series Match

Charley Caruso asks Randy once again if he still will be a guest on A Moment of Bliss. He says yes, that he is not scared of The Fiend. He says he has no problem introducing The Fiend to the most three dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment: RKO.

Mustafa Ali says that Retribution is not a team, but a mission. They will shut it all down.

Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle to qualify for a spot on the men’s Survivor Series match is next.

After an exciting match between Riddle and Sheamus, Sheamus came out victorious with the Brogue Kick.

    Sheamus wins via pinfall with the Brogue Kick, qualifying for a spot on Team Raw at Survivor Series


The main event spot goes to A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton as special guest. Bliss, dressed in overalls with the words “Yowie Wowie” drawn on them, welcomes him. Randy, obviously uncomfortable with the situation, asks Bliss if she has a surprise for him. She tells them no, that a talkshow host just wished to have the WWE champion on their show, especially after he and McIntyre..”burned the house down”. Orton got the message and asked her where The Fiend was. However, it was McIntyre who answered the call. Throwing the chairs out of the ring, Bliss sat on the top rope laughing at Orton as McIntyre went after him. Orton escaped, but the lights soon went out. The Fiend appeared behind Orton on the ramp, but McIntyre went back after him. The Fiend and Alexa Bliss disappeared. Orton slammed McIntyre into the announce table as Raw went off the air.

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