Money in the Bank

“The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that…..”

Put it in the bank, boys, Brinkhater is not predicting, he is INFORMING the Cougar nation that the six game losing streak ends this weekend with a veritable 38-29 POUNDING (it won’t be that close) of the Quack attack.

Why the reason for this sudden optimisim? Let me count the ways:

1) DEFENSE. Sure one half of D is nothing to get too excited about, but at a certain point in time you had to figure that someone on the defensive side of the ball would buy a vowel (e.g. a clue). It may be premature, but is feels to me like these boys may have finally turned the corner. And it will feel more that way now that Belotti is back to his QB rotation strategy that made them the pinnacle of mediocrity for the past couple of seasons.

2) THE SEASON’S OVER. Now that bowl eligibility is no longer a question, it’s my bet that the team’s focus is going to move toward “winning” as opposed to “not losing.” This change in perspective will reign down from the coaching staff, to the D, and dare I say, to little Alex. Just go out and play is the mindset that helps young teams. And by the way, an indication as to why this coaching staff should stay: these kids haven’t quit….they won’t quit this weekend either against a bitter rival, a rival in recruiting, and a team ranked #11 in the country on the Tee-Vee.

3) Harrison and Hill. Last home game for both of those guys. The O-Line will be particularly jacked to move Harrison toward the ricidilous threshold of 2,000 yards. If Alex can buy another vowel (e.g. clue) and hits the TE with any semblance of regularity this game could be a real, sustained blowout. When you think of it, when you average close to 500 yards a game in total offense, you’ve got to win sometime. Don’t you?

4) OREGON IS NOT ANY GOOD. If you remember, I said the same thing about UCLA, who lucked themselves to 8-0 before getting the deserving pasting that they got to the hotter-than-mildcats this past weekend. With Clemens, this Oregon team is scary, without him, they are the most overrated #11 team in the history of ever. They are ripe to get pasted. And pasted they will be.

5) Belotti. As much as criticism is warranted toward our coaching staff, I still think Belotti has done less with more than any coach in the Crap-10 since Tedford’s departure. The talent is there for them obviously, but there’s too much riding on this game for them (e.g TOO MUCH TO LOSE) against a team that is WWWWWWWWAAAAAYYY better than their record. They’ll be clinging to a BCS fantasy and will clutch both hands fiercely around their throats when were up by 21 in the first half..

A preview to Sunday morning’s Seattle Times:

“Its not that WSU controlled the game, it was really about our lack of execution. They didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves.”

Enjoy the puckered sour grapes face you will see on Bull-Otty at about 11:13pm on Saturday…….what an ass!

“win the victory”

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