Month of Basketball

Month of Basketball
Well as March madness draws near the excitement of conference tournaments begin, we have already seen Winthrop win the Big South Conference in exciting fashion as well as a cheerleader falling and breaking her neck at the Southern Illinois game. Yesterday Gonzaga had to come from 15 down to beat a 12-17 Loyola Marymount team for the WCC championship game. With all that said and done now all Winthrop and most of these mid major teams have to wait for are the power house team they will have to play in the first round of the tourney. Winthrop is slated to play UNC in the first round as of right now, before the ACC tourney has even begun. Here are my picks for number 1 seeds, please feel free to discuss.

UNC (if they make it to the ACC championship)

1. Memphis
2. Ohio State

2. Illinois

2. Texas

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