More from the coaches show

More from the coaches show:

Asked about the lack of early verbal commitments, Coach said they are being more selective this year. WSU only has about 13 spots for this year’s class, almost half of what they had last year. Pointed to Arizona as one example of many early commits, but they have a brand new coaching staff competing hard to try and steal from ASU and that they have double the spots in their class that WSU does for this year. Says offering early can backfire, especially before the player has played his senior season. Sometimes you are only going off film from one good high school season, plus the word of their coaches and sometimes their principal! Of course, recruiting is an inexact science, always has been, always will be, but Pflugrad continues to do an unbelievable job.

Asked about more Cody Boyd in double tight sets. Coach says he needs to get stronger, and that he obviously has struggled with drops. He really is hoping for improvement, but probably won’t see him split out in the slot like they had toyed with in the offseason.

Asked if Basler was lining up too short for the snap as a caller noticed that there have been some close calls and that Basler hasn’t been kicking as well so far. Coach said he’s at 14 yards since he’s a one step punter. The block was the coaches mistake by the way. They brought their corner in and left our split end unblocked. We are supposed to call for a pass play, a fake punt, if that happens, but the coaches waived it off since we were on our own 15. We didn’t want to have Basler throwing in that situation with the game hanging in the balance. He said they’ve addressed the blocking problem.

Asked about the Vandals:

1. They have a great qb

2. They have a great coach, 41-year old Holt who has done a great job

3. Their defense didn’t quit and improved from week one to week two

4. They have several good receivers

5. They have a good young RB

6. They have a good defense that really flies around with a swagger. Holt is former USC LB coach so he knows aggressive defense.

Doba stressed that this will be a tough opponent, and as we’ve seen, anyone can beat anyone in college football.

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