Myles Garrett bashes Mason Rudolph in head with helmet, insane fight erupts (Video)

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Tensions were high during the majority of Thursday’s Steelers-Browns game at FirstEnergy Stadium, but the insane sequence of events that took place in the final seconds of the contest was jaw-dropping.

It happened with roughly 10 seconds left in the game, when Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph dropped back to pass, then dumped the ball off to a running back. Browns defensive end Myles Garrett grabbed Rudolph, then drove him into the ground, which seemed a bit unnecessary. The two players then began wrestling on the ground, but no one could’ve predicted what happened next.

Rudolph grabbed for Garrett’s helmet, as if to take it off, but was unable to do so. Garrett then responded by ripping Rudolph’s helmet off. The Steelers quarterback then went after Garrett, putting his hands in his counterpart’s face, and that’s when “the swing heard around the world” happened.

Garrett took Rudolph’s helmet and then violently bashed the Steelers quarterback in the head with it, as you can see in the video below.

The full video also shows Maurkice Pouncey responding to Garrett’s swing by kicking him in the helmet on the ground, with other punches thrown as well.

Garrett, Ogunjobi and Pouncey were all ejected — with suspensions likely in the cards for all players, as well as Rudolph possibly.

There’s no place in the game — or in life — for what Garrett did, and he shouldn’t play a minute for the rest of the season. He could’ve severely injured or even killed Rudolph with that vicious blow.

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