Naomi Osaka Tops Serena Williams As Highest-Paid Female Athlete

Naomi Osaka Tops Serena Williams As Highest-Paid Female Athlete
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Naomi Osaka is now officially the highest-paid female athlete in the world.

While Serena Williams topped that list for many years, 2022 marks a new era for female athletes, as Osaka took home a whopping $53.3 million this year.

Williams still sits as the highest-paid female athlete of all time with over $450 million made both on and off the court.

Osaka appears to be taking a different route. Instead of relying on her tennis earnings, Osaka’s career has taken a more unconventional route.

With over $50 million in endorsements this year, Osaka is becoming one of the biggest names in female sports and she has done so by making bold moves that no female athlete before her has dared to do.

The four-time Grand Slam Champion may have more to prove on the court but her career is only beginning to take off.

Naomi Osaka is Officially the Highest Paid Female

Despite enduring a season riddled with injury, Osaka topped Serena Williams as the highest-paid female athlete in 2022.

Both Williams and Osaka are the biggest names for brands looking to reach a worldwide audience through female sports, including launching her own agency.

This year, Osaka made over $50 million in endorsements making her the highest-earning female athlete at $53.3 million.

On the other hand, Williams sits as the second highest earning with only $35.3 million.

Osaka is the First Female to Open Her Own Agency

Not only has Osaka profited from endorsement deals but the young tennis star launched her own agency, Evolve, with agent Stuart Duguid.

While Osaka followed the footsteps of many athletes like Roger Federer, Rory McIlroy, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant, who left big agencies to create their own, she is the first female athlete to do it.

By building her own agency, Osaka has had the opportunity to look at different partnerships where there is an equity component like Hypercise, Sweetgreen, Modern Health, and Autograph.

Osaka prides herself on doing things her way, and in doing so, she is inspiring the next wave of female athletes.

By opening her own agency, Osaka has taken the next step in her journey to be in control as both an athlete and a businesswoman.

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