Nationals GM Mike Rizzo issues stern warning to Dodgers ahead of NLDS

MLB: Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Nationals were just four outs away from another early postseason exit on Tuesday night, but the team used some magic to manufacture a dramatic eighth-inning rally to produce three runs, en route to a 4-3 victory.

It was the first time Washington has advanced in the playoffs in nearly 100 years, and the team’s general manager appears to believe it’s a good sign of things to come.

The Nationals, as we know, have often been on the other end of bad luck in playoff games — especially those of the elimination variety — but not on Tuesday night. Mike Rizzo used that good luck — like the questionable call involving whether or not the baseball hit Michael Taylor’s bat, which could’ve gone either way — to issue a warning to the Dodgers ahead of the National League Division Series matchup.

“I wouldn’t want to play the Nats right now if I were a Dodger,” Rizzo told The Sports Junkies, via NBC Sports.

He continued:

“I’m gonna say the one that’s coming up is the biggest moment because we’re just getting this thing rolling,” Rizzo said.

That logic is a bit of a stretch, and Rizzo may want to look closer at the numbers, with the Dodgers having had the Nationals’ number in the playoffs over the years.


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