NBA 2K17 Simulation: Kings vs. Lakers

Welcome to a new series of interesting pre-game articles where a Cowbell Kingdom reporter gives you a prediction of the game.

Today, the Sacramento Kings and Los Angels Lakers will go to battle in Anaheim in preseason game #1 for the Kings. Before you keep reading this article, watch the simulation first and then continue. (Since 2K doesn’t have an arena for Anaheim, we made the Lakers the home team)

Did you agree with the final result? We are only doing two-minute quarters because we understand that people don’t have time to watch two hours of game play. But the overall concept is there. The way players move without the ball and the way they score is, for the most part, accurate from NBA 2K.

Sacramento Kings Starters:

1: Darren Collison

2: Arron Afflalo

3: Rudy Gay

4: Willie Cauley-Stein

5: DeMarcus Cousins

Los Angels Lakers Starters:

1: D’Angelo Russell

2: Jordan Clarkson

3: Brandon Ingram

4: Luol Deng

5: Timofey Mozgov

I’ll be doing this first Cowbell Kingdom simulation analysis recap:

The biggest thing that stood out to me was the perfect depiction of Dave Joerger. 2K did an excellent job in showing the passion with which Joerger coaches and the things he would actually say during a game.

I did not like the last play of the game because I would not expect Cauley-Stein to shoot a game-winning 3-pointer, but it is a game, and as real as the simulation may seem, expect better coaching from Joerger and by better coaching, I mean, this man will put his players in the best positions to succeed.  The 3-point shot is not a strength for Cauley-Stein yet, which is why I wouldn’t expect to see Cauley-Stein shoot that shot.

What I expect to see in real life:

I want to see this first unit play well together but most importantly, play for one another. They will make many mistakes because it’s preseason and because they haven’t played with one another in real game situations.

It will be interesting to see how Joerger mixes and matches his lineups. The ending result of the simulation is not ideal because I know Kings fans hate to lose to the Lakers even if it’s preseason, but you have to admit, it felt super real and it’s always fun when these two teams go down to the wire.

I predict the Kings to win 97-94 tonight in Anaheim.

I hope you guys enjoy this new version of Cowbell Kingdom game previews. We are always looking to find the most creative ways for fans to engage and we feel like this new way will be enjoyable for most NBA fans.

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