NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Could Be Next Disney Boss


Could NBA commissioner Adam Silver be in line to become the next CEO at Disney? He’s on a very short list of candidates to take over when Bob Iger retires in 2024. It’s been a tumultuous few months at the House of the Mouse. From a long-running “Woke” battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to declining revenue in streaming and theme parks and other entertainment related issues, Disney is back in the news.

Recently, the 72-year old Iger mentioned that he would be stepping down by 2024 if not sooner. Among those in the mix to replace him: NBA commissioner Adam Silver whose contract with the league expires in 2024.

Entertainment divisions co-chair Dana Walden and former DAZN chair Kevin Mayer also in mix but its Silver who is seen as the frontrunner to take over when he steps aside.

Iger to the rescue

Iger took the Disney helm in 2005, and was set to step down from the post in 2016. But that date was pushed back to 2018 and again to 2019 before he finally left in February of 2020.  His successor was Bob Chapek who last two years before he was forced out. Iger came out of retirement to take over again.

Timing is everything

So the timing here could depend on a number of factors, from the company’s performance (and the board’s satisfaction or lack thereof with it) to his own health, and it could go shorter or longer than December 2024. Iger, who plans to retire in two years following his dramatic return to lead the media giant last November.

That December 2024 target is particularly interesting as it pertains to Silver’s candidacy in particular. After the NBA finals in 2018, Silver’s contract was extended 2024. though. If the NBA decided to move on from him, then it would be easy for Silver to slide from one CEO spot to another.

Impressive resume

Silver has racked up several noteworthy accomplishments since becoming commissioner. For starters, he’s negotiated three collective bargaining agreements with the NBA Players Association. He’s also been instrumental in the development of the WNBA, NBA G League, and NBA 2K League.

“Hey Adam Silver, your contract with the NBA just expired. Where are you going next”?

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