NBA Draft 2022 Prospect Profile: Chet Holmgren Draft Projection, Odds, and Prop Bets

How to Bet on NBA Draft 2022 in Georgia

The NBA draft is set to begin on June 23 and Chet Holmgren out of Gonzaga is someone who could potentially be the first or second pick in this year’s draft. Continue reading below to get information about Chet Holmgren and why he’s going to be a great fit in the NBA.

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Chet Holmgren NBA Draft Projection | NBA Draft 2022 Predictions

NBA Prospects NBA Draft Odds Play
Chet Holmgren -155 BetOnline logo
Jabari Smith Jr +175 BetOnline logo
Paolo Banchero +435 BetOnline logo
Jaden Ivey +2200 BetOnline logo
Shaedon Sharpe +6000 BetOnline logo

Chet Holmgren is predicted to be the number 2 pick according to most sports books and scouts. After the season he had at Gonzaga and still being as young as he is with his athleticism and size, it certainly makes sense why scouts are valuing him as high as they are.

Chet Holmgren Odds to be the Number 1 Overall Pick in the NBA Draft 2022

NBA Prospects NBA Draft Odds Play
Jabari Smith Jr -185 BetOnline logo
Chet Holmgren +160 BetOnline logo
Paolo Banchero +500 BetOnline logo

Chet Holmgren currently has the second-best odds to be the number 1 pick in this year’s draft. Some are saying that he could go number 1 to the Orlando Magic, but most are saying that he’s going to fall to number 2 and be drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It’s been tough to tell who’s going to be the number one pick considering that Paolo Banchero out of Duke University has gone up a ton in terms of betting odds over the past few days to be the number one pick. Any of the three guys that we have on our list above has the potential to be drafted number 1 on Thursday.

Chet Holmgren NBA Draft 2022 Prospect Profile

Let’s take a look at Chet Holmgren’s information below.

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 7’0″
  • Weight: 194 pounds
  • School: Gonzaga
  • Experience: One NCAA season
  • Projected NBA Draft Pick: #1-#2

Chet Holmgren Strengths

There’s plenty to like about the 7-foot Chet Holmgren. His best trait is undoubtedly his length and agility. For a 7-footer who’s still only 20 years old, what he can do on the court is certainly impressive. He doesn’t move as well as a guy like Giannis Antetokounmpo at that size, but he certainly has the potential to do so in the coming years. Another thing that is impressive is his ability to shoot the 3-point shot.

In today’s game, most centers and forwards are shooting the 3-point shot at least at a 30% clip. At Gonzaga this year, he shot 39% on 105 attempts. His ability to stretch the floor is going to make his NBA transition much easier.

Chet Holmgren Weaknesses

The one weakness that most NBA scouts are looking at right now is his weight. Some are saying that he’s not going to be able to stop some of the bigger centers and forwards in the NBA, but it’s questionable why they’re saying that. Most people are worried that he’s not going to be able to defend the post well, but during his time at Gonzaga, he defended down low at an elite level.

He might have to put on a few pounds, but at the end of the day, what he did at Gonzaga this year was impressive on that side of the ball and there’s really no downside to his game, or to be worried about his interior defense.

Chet Holmgren Stats

During his one year with the Gonzaga Bulldogs, he averaged 14.1 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game. Holmgren shot 60.7% from the field on 8.8 attempts and 39% from three-point range on 3.3 attempts per game.