NBA Draft 2022 Prospect Profile: Jabari Smith Jr Draft Projection, Odds, and Prop Bets

Jabari Smith NBA Draft

The NBA draft is set to begin on Thursday, June 23 and there are going to be some interesting moves that many contending and rebuilding teams are going to have to make. One of the biggest names in college basketball this year was Jabari Smith and most betting sites currently have him with the top odds to be the number one pick. Let’s take a look below at Jabari Smith and what he can do for an NBA team.

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Jabari Smith Jr. NBA Draft Projection | NBA Draft 2022 Predictions

Right now, most mock drafts have Jabari Smith going number one overall to the Orlando Magic. The Orlando Magic have been rumored to want to select Jabari Smith, but there have also been rumors that they could decide to go with Paolo Banchero of Duke University or Chet Holmgren out of Gonzaga. If he doesn’t go number 1 in this year’s draft, it would be likely that he falls to number 2 and gets drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Either way when he gets drafted here, the team is going to be in a rebuilding stage and he’s going to be a major reason why they should find some success in the near future.

Jabari Smith Jr. Odds to be the Number 1 Overall Pick in the NBA Draft 2022

NBA Prospects NBA Draft Odds Play
Jabari Smith Jr -185 BetOnline logo
Chet Holmgren +160 BetOnline logo
Paolo Banchero +500 BetOnline logo

The odds for the NBA draft have changed drasitcally over the past few nights. Banchero is making his way up in terms of odds to be the number one pick in this year’s draft.

Jabari Smith has been the betting favorite since the odds have been released.

Jabari Smith Jr. Prospect Profile

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 249 pounds
  • School: Auburn University
  • Experience: One NCAA year
  • Projected NBA Draft Pick: 1

Jabari Smith Jr. Strengths

There’s a whole lot to like about Jabari Smith’s game. The youngster was one of the best scorers that college basketball saw this year and he also plays elite defense. Standing a 6’10”, Smith has a legitimate chance of coming in and making an immediate impact on any team that does end up drafting him. He helped his Auburn Tigers team to a 28-6 record and the number 2 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Smith has an above-average jump shot, he can defend multiple positions at a high level, and he’s also a great rebounder. With his age and a combination of size, athleticism, and defense, he has the potential to be an NBA All-Star in the future.

He might be coming into this draft as the best shooter. He shot 42% from behind the arc in his freshman year at Auburn and doing so at his size and being an elite defender is pretty much everything that an NBA team can ask for in today’s game. He can guard anywhere from the 2 through 5 position, which is insanely valuable.

Jabari Smith Jr. Weaknesses

One thing that has worried people throughout the draft process is that he makes difficult shots at an elite level. Some are worried that it’s not going to be sustainable, but if he does what he did at Auburn this year in the NBA, those tough shots are going to continue to be hit at a high level.

It’s tough to say that there’s really a weakness in his game. He does have some trouble at times creating for himself off the dribble, but again, he’s likely not going to be the guy that has to do something like this right away. There are times when he’s going to have to iso and get a bucket, but as a rookie, he’s going to have plenty of time to develop that.

Jabari Smith Jr Father | Who is Jabari Smith’s Dad?

Jabari Smith Sr. is an American former professional basketball player that played in the NBA. In his NBA career, he was the 45th pick in the 2000 draft and played with the Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers, and New Jersey Nets. He didn’t have as great of an NBA career as his son is hoping for, but it’s easy to see where he got his talents from.

Jabari Smith Jr. Stats

Jabari Smit’s college stats were impressive. He averaged 16.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and two assists per game. His shooting splits were also impressive as he shot 42% from 3-point range on 5.5 attempts per game and 42.9% from the field on nearly 13 shots per game.

It was only a one-season sample size at Auburn, but he did similar things in his high school days. If a team is looking to speed up its rebuild process, Jabari Smith should undoubtedly go number one.