NBA Twitter Reacts To Killian Hayes Knockout In Pistons-Magic Game

Hayes punch

In one of the craziest NBA moments of the season so far, Killian Hayes knocked out Moe Wagner with a punch to the back of the head after a heated altercation during the Pistons vs Magic game on Wednesday night which had Twitter going crazy.

Hayes and Wagner were both chasing a loose ball late on in the second quarter when the latter decided to shove Hayes with some force into the Detroit bench with the drama following surprising everyone.

The young Pistons star unsurprisingly didn’t take well to being shoved into his own bench and as the coaching staff and players from Detroit confronted the Magic player, Hayes threw a punch towards the back of Wagner’s head, with his strike seeming to briefly knock out the 25-year old.

Chaos ensued between both teams with almost every player and coach from both side piling in to pull others away from the action, in a brawl almost reminiscent of “The Malice at the Palace” in 2004.

When he regained consciousness shortly after, Wagner was ejected for a flagrant foul while Detroit’s Hayes and Hamadou Diallo were both also ejected for their actions in the scrap which followed in front of the bench.

Speaking after the game, Franz Wagner (who is Moritz’s younger brother) said that the Pistons star was fine and said his sibling certainly had no bad intentions.

“He’s fine. I haven’t seen the video, but I know that’s the last thing he wanted to do.”

NBA Twitter obviously ensued into a mass of memes and reaction following the brawl, with many saying that a suspension for a lot of coaches and players could be on the cards soon.

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