NCAA Bracket Challenged Sponsored By Marshall Henderson’s 377 Three-Point Attempts

Though the creator of White Girl Wednesday will not have the opportunity to launch dozens of three-point attempts in this year’s NCAA Tournament, we honor his legacy of being more than willing to fire off threes from all angles and situations.  Henderson put up 377 three-point shots this season, which was down from last season’s 394 attempts, but incredibly finished second in the NCAA in attempted threes to East Carolina’s Akeem Richmond (384).

But if it’s any consolation, Henderson attempted 35 threes in his two games in the SEC Tournament (17.5/game), and had he maintained that pace all year, he would’ve gone down with 577 attempts, which would have melted everyone’s face.  Alas, that would’ve been a real good time.

Anyway, on to the purpose of this, I’ve set up a bracket challenge/pool/questformoderateexcellence so that you can win prizes or receive a public shaming.  For a refresher, last year’s top finishers took home some really top flight hardware.

While those are great and all, the real fun in this is trying to avoid finishing in last.  Because if you do finish in last, you will receive a public shaming in this very space, which will be viewed by DOZENS AND TWOS, so think carefully before picking winners of games in which you know nothing about either team.

One thing different about this year’s bracket is that we’re doing it through ESPN.  Yahoo, thanks to the billion-dollar contest it’s running, wants your address and phone number so they can text you ads and whatever hot pile of crap it is they’re trying to sell.

To that I say, SUCK IT.  We’re already subjected to enough miserable advertising on the TV, radio, and before our precious YouTube videos, so I’ll pass on receiving a HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A NEW MORTGAGE text while I’m doing important things like scrolling through Twitter or ignoring those red update numbers above the App Store icon.

So here’s your link to the mortgage text-free group, and the password is “seagal”.  All are welcome, and I assume you need to have your bracket filled out by the time the games start on Thursday.

Good luck (but not in the way that inspires Liam Neeson to find me and kill me).

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