NESN not doing their job?

FourZeroSix takes his ire out at NESN, who might want to do a little more fact-checking.
The all-knowledgable people on New England Sports Tonight.
I mean, look at all the facts they have displayed tonight:
– Curt Schilling is 39 years old.
– Pedro was purposely throwing at Segui… his friend for about 10 years for “no reason whatsoever.”
– Schilling had a GREAT game.
– Pedro had a BAD game.
– Pedro doesn’t have it anymore.
– Pedro freaked out.
I don’t know what Pedro’s personal issues are, but what a load of dung. A quality start is bad?. Pedro seemed to “have it” after he warmed up. Pedro freaked out? Hmm.. looked like he had back-to-back K’s and a flyout with runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, then proceeded to dominate the rest of his outing.
You should’ve seen these dopes going on and on… I can’t wait until his next start.

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