New drawings of proposed Sacramento Kings arena released

If the Sacramento Kings stay, what would a new arena located at the Downtown Plaza look like?  Design firm AECOM recently released renderings of the proposed entertainment and sports complex, which were first tweeted out by Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee this morning.  Here’s a look.

Conceptual drawing of Downtown Plaza arena exterior (AECOM)

 An exterior view of the westside of the proposed Downtown Plaza arena.

Conceptual drawing of what would be known as the "Bunker Club" inside Downtown Plaza arena. (AECOM)

 The arena may possibly include a lounge titled the “Bunker Club.”

Conceptual drawing of Downtown Plaza arena concourse. (AECOM)

 A conceptual view of the arena concourse.

Conceptual drawing of the Downtown Plaza arena lower bowl (AECOM)

 What the lower bowl and court would look like.

Conceptual drawing of a VIP Suite in Downtown Plaza Arena (AECOM)

A look at a potential VIP suite inside the arena.

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