New Music – King with a Crown

New Music - King with a Crown
New Music - King with a Crown
Well as the Super bowl approaches and National signing day is upon us, I figured I would make a music post since it has been a while. Well as I look through songs to upload to my I-Pod, I came across a great reggae song (King with a Crown). So after a little research to find out what new reggae band was pumping out this sweet island music, I found out it was non-other then Matisyahu (the Jewish reggae performer).

If you like lyrics like

 You’re a slave to yourself and you don’t even know
You want to live the fast life but your brain moves slow
If you’re trying to stay high then you’re bound to stay low
You want G-d but you can’t deflate your ego
If you’re already there then there’s nowhere to go”

Then you should check out his new album Youth, and for more info go to his website

This is the coolest things a jew has done since Jesus made wine out of water!

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