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First, a new story today, lots of news-n-notes:

Doba on Brink: “We’re staying with Alex Brink. He is our quarterback. After reviewing the film, he threw 4 picks but just one was his fault. On one he couldn’t see the safety out there and that was the big one (for a TD), but for sure on two others, the receiver ran the wrong route. What people don’t understand is that a QB has to anticipate what his receiver is going to do. Sometimes the receiver could have up to 3 options per play on what to do with his route, all based on the coverage. It’s not so much as the QB making the right read in the type of defense, but also he has to anticipate what route his receiver should run. All in a few seconds. Remember, fans chant “kill the quarterback” for a reason! They don’t say “kill the guard” or anything like that…..In two of those interceptions, Alex threw the ball EXACTLY where it should have been thrown, based on reading the coverage, but the receiver ran the wrong route. The QB must throw the ball before the guy is open, and Alex threw the ball where he was supposed to.”

Doba went on to say any criticism of Brink was misplaced, calling the sophomore on the fast track to development and ahead of where the coaching staff thought he would be at this stage. “We’re not going to be second guessing and all that kind of stuff,” said Doba. “He played a great ballgame. He graded out well, read the reads right and I’m going to tell you he gained a little respect. He took a couple shots right in the mouth as he threw the football for one touchdown and another one over the middle that had our whole sideline fired up and cheering for Alex. These guys are football players, and when they see their QB show some serious toughness, they love him for it.”

Xrays were negative on Derting. Doba is saying between 2 to 4 weeks, and his own projection is he’ll be back in 3, for the Cal game on 10/22.

Alex Teems injured shoulder improved greatly and has been upgraded to questionable from VERY doubtful.

Don Turner will start in his place if he can’t go. Doba said Turner played the best he has played as a Cougar vs. OSU and will see more playing time no matter what.

Jason Hill is still probable and is listed as “co-starter” with Trandon Harvey for this week. It really will be a game time decision if he will start or come off the bench. He certainly sounds as though he will see a lot of playing time, unless it tightens up before the game. By the way, Hill is #2 in the nation at 130+ yards per game!

Doba also warned about Stanford: “They are starting 8 seniors and 3 juniors on offense, and 6 seniors and 4 juniors on defense. They only have one under-classman in their entire starting 22. That’s an experienced group who came in here and beat us last year, so as tough a start as they’ve had this year, they’ll believe they can come back here and repeat that performance. Trent Edwards killed us last year, and all his lineman are back. The fact that we’ll start a freshman d-tackle and freshman middle linebacker against an experienced line has me pretty concerned. We have to be ready to play.”

Ropati has to participate in contact drills by Wednesday or else he will be held back until UCLA. They need him in a big way, said Doba, but they won’t risk re-injury with the bulk of the Pac-10 season still to come.

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