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Originally posted on “Is It Sports” by Steve. I’m making an attempt to inform that 2 or 3 people that still check the rarely updated site that we made some changes, and more posts were on the way. As far as the future posts go, I don’t think I ever wrote about Dwyane Wade, the White Sox World Series title was hard to describe (I’m really not that good of a writer), and I did evenutally post on the Bang for the Buck ratings, on August 3, 2008. Also, this is the first time I mentioned my wife on the site, and ironically, she commented on my Bang for the Buck ratings when I finally posted them here almost 3 years later.

Hey Everyone. It’s Steve back again actually posting something new on Is It Sports? The last month has been pretty busy for me with work, 3 trips to Purdue, watching hours of White Sox World Series coverage, getting a great new girlfriend, and driving for 2 and a half hours from just outside Detroit to just outside Ann Arbor in a snowstorm on the busiest travel day of the year, just to turn around and spend Thanksgiving away from my family.

But now I have more time to work on the site, and we have a lot planned for our upcoming first anniversary. First, as you probably saw on the index, we added a “blog” (even though I hate that word) where we basically go back to the basics of why we created this site: to post entertaining online conversations we have about sports for people to read. Now instead of saving the conversation and using it to write a long post 2 weeks later, only to have me finally put it online 3 weeks after it’s finished, we can put it up right away, as is. We also added a Quote of the Week where we’ll dig through the archives for something either insightful or witty that was written in the past year, which will be updated every Sunday (hopefully).

As far as new full-length posts go, we have plenty planned. Ryan has already completed two, one recapping how well we picked in our baseball preview and another that I haven’t read yet but I was just told is “miscellaneous.” I will finally write my long awaited World Series post about the World Champion Chicago White Sox (doesn’t that look good?) because I think now it has finally sunk in with me. I’m also planning on writing about a statistical analysis I did (because I’m a dorky engineer) that I call the “Bang for the Buck” rating, which compares a baseball team’s salary to its expected win total based on the performance of the other teams. Also, due to popular request from some friends, I will write a post about my high school classmate Dwyane Wade and I was planning on doing my first non-sports post on the top 25 CD’s of the past 5 years, as soon as 2005 comes to an end. We may even have an e-mail or two to answer in a mailbag. We have plenty planned ahead, so keep checking the site for updates! – Steve

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