Future teammates Matt Kemp, Manny Machado snapped a selfie in middle of All-Star Game

Orioles slugger Manny Machado will soon be on his way to Los Angeles, as it was reported that he’s been traded to the Dodgers, and that the move will be official on Wednesday.

Machado must be thrilled to leave an organization that’s an absolute dumpster fire. The Orioles are serious sellers right now, and appear to be moving toward yet another rebuild.

Not only that, Machado got the benefit of being able to play for a contender — the team that won the National League Pennant last season, and will surely make a strong push to repeat again this year. Machado will soon be playing on the same team as Matt Kemp, so the two snapped a selfie during the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, which made for a pretty funny moment.

The two will soon be bros in LA.