New uniforms for 2005 and beyond

Doba had hinted at this a few weeks ago in a premium story on He admitted that there is a uniform change in the works, a more traditional look that would get away from the stripes and things like that.

Well, in an indirect way, a couple of images have popped up of the home and road uni’s. The interesting thing here is that they aren’t the actual photos, but they are in-game captures from EA Sports new NCAA Football 2006, to be released this July. EA does a good job of keeping up with new uniforms, stadium changes, etc, and they released the following two images:

Home uni’s:

New uniforms for 2005 and beyond

Looks like a pretty basic setup. Grey WSU logo on the helmet, a basic, clean jersey without all the crazy stripes, Cougar head on the shoulders, and crimson pants with a Stanford-like stripe down the side. Looks like about the same font for the numbers. I like it so far, but I’d love to see black shoes!

Road uni’s:

New uniforms for 2005 and beyond

Another slight modification to last year’s uni’s. Numbers on the shoulders instead of the Cougar head, which is cool. Same font for the numbers. Same crimson helmet with white Cougar head. Gone are the crazy stripes up the side and double-stripe on the shoulders. The pants have the “Stanford” stripe down the side as well. Actually we look a heck of a lot like Oklahoma on the road!

All said, I like the newer, cleaner look. Uni’s are going two ways these days, either really crazy stripes and fonts (see Oregon, Oregon State, U of Miami, Cal), or going a little more back to an “old school” approach (UW, and now WSU have cleaned up), very clean and basic yet bold. I certainly prefer the new look myself! I look forward to media day this year when they are officially unveiled.

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