Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger Odds: Kevin Mayer, Adam Silver Among Favorites

NBA commissioner Adam Silver stands at podium.

When Bob Iger returned to Disney as CEO in November 2022, one of the first tasks assigned by the board involved his eventual replacement. Iger and the Disney board will find a new replacement during the next two years. Who will be the next CEO of Disney? Below are the odds for the next CEO of Disney after Iger leaves.

Bob Iger Returns As Disney CEO

In 2020, Bob Iger announced his retirement intention and handpicked his successor, Bob Chapek, the then-chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

Iger stayed with Disney through COVID until the end of 2021, officially stepping down as CEO on December 31, 2021.

Despite signing a three-year contraction extension in June 2022, Disney removed Chapek as CEO and reinstated Iger in November 2022. Under Chapek’s tenure, Disney missed revenue expectations toward the end of 2022 and increased their operating loss for streaming to $1.5 billion.

Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger Odds

Who will be the next Disney CEO after Iger?

Top online sportsbooks are accepting bets on Iger’s replacement.

Kevin Mayer, co-founder and co-CEO of Candle Media and Chairman of DAZN Group, is the favorite to replace Iger at (+150). Mayer is the former COO and CFO of Disney.

Right behind Mayer is Adam Silver (+225), the commissioner of the NBA. Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparino reported that Silver is on the shortlist for potential candidates to replace Iger. Silver’s contract with the NBA runs through 2024, which falls in the timeline to find Iger’s replacement.

Other notable names to replace Iger include Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment Dana Walden (+425), Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro (+650), and ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro (+1000).

Below is the list of potential candidates and their odds.

Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger Odds Play
Kevin Mayer +150 BetOnline logo
Adam Silver +225 BetOnline logo
Dana Walden +425 BetOnline logo
Josh D’Amaro +650 BetOnline logo
Jimmy Pitaro +1000 BetOnline logo
Alan Bergman +1000 BetOnline logo
Christine McCarthy +1200 BetOnline logo
Thomas O. Staggs +2000 BetOnline logo
Reed Hastings +3000 BetOnline logo
Ted Sarandos +3000 BetOnline logo
Ari Emanuel +3500 BetOnline logo
Vince McMahon +5000 BetOnline logo
Bob Chapek +5000 BetOnline logo
David Zaslav +5000 BetOnline logo


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