NFL 2023: Primetime Matchups To Circle on the Schedule

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The thought of NFL football has us excited, and now that the schedule is out, we can circle the best primetime games.

The release of the 2023 NFL schedule brought with it a lineup of exciting prime-time matchups, and it’s no secret that these games often revolve around the quarterbacks. The league strategically selects the best QBs to headline “Thursday Night Football,” “Sunday Night Football,” and “Monday Night Football.”

All About the QBs

The star power of the quarterbacks is evident in the prime-time schedules. Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes II will undoubtedly draw attention as he showcases his skills on the national stage. Aaron Rodgers, after making a surprising move to the Jets, will have the spotlight on him as he leads his new team. Jalen Hurts, who secured a record-breaking contract in the offseason, will also be featured prominently. Joe Burrow, a rising star in the league, is expected to captivate viewers with his performances. Meanwhile, Josh Allen aims to guide the Buffalo Bills back to the Super Bowl, making him another quarterback to watch in prime-time matchups.

 Chiefs at Jets (‘SNF,’ Week 4) 

NFL 2023: Primetime Matchups To Circle on the Schedule

It feels a bit ridiculous to say, but the Jets may be featured in one of the best games of the year. Surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have never faced each other on the field. In 2019, Mahomes couldn’t play against the Packers due to a knee injury, while Rodgers missed the 2021 matchup against the Chiefs because of a positive COVID-19 test. If the Jets manage to win this game, the reactions and discussions about the AFC’s power dynamics will be extraordinary. Finally witnessing these two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks compete against each other will certainly be worth the anticipation.

Eagles at Chiefs (‘MNF,’ Week 11) 

NFL 2023: Primetime Matchups To Circle on the Schedule

Get ready for a Super Bowl rematch as the Eagles, the dominant team in the NFC, take on the Chiefs. Philadelphia has made significant improvements around their quarterback Jalen Hurts through the draft, setting them up for an even stronger team. They even loaded up on the defensive side of the ball.  However, Kansas City has the advantage of playing on their home turf, and watching Patrick Mahomes in action is always a thrilling experience, especially in big games. Let’s hope that this rematch delivers an exciting game and that the outcome is not determined by a controversial late defensive holding call, keeping the focus on the talent and skills of these two formidable teams. It’s a matchup that promises great entertainment for football fans.

Bills at Bengals (‘SNF,’ Week 9)

NFL 2023: Primetime Matchups To Circle on the Schedule

In a dramatic turn of events, Damar Hamlin experienced cardiac arrest during last season’s Week 17 “Monday Night Football” game between these teams. Despite that unfortunate incident, the rivalry between Cincinnati and Buffalo is steadily growing in intensity. The Bengals showcased their dominance by defeating the Bills 27-10 in the AFC divisional playoffs. As the rivalry develops, the quarterback matchup between Joe Burrow and Josh Allen adds another layer of excitement. Both quarterbacks are top-tier talents, making their on-field duel a spectacle to behold. The clash between these teams promises high-quality football and further fuels the emerging rivalry between them.

Bills at Jets (‘MNF,’ Week 1) 

NFL 2023: Primetime Matchups To Circle on the Schedule

This is an awesome way to kickoff Monday Night Football. The anticipation is sky-high as the league schedules Aaron Rodgers’ first game as a Jets player against the top team in the AFC East. It’s a matchup that is sure to draw massive ratings. The key question on everyone’s mind is how Rodgers will perform against the formidable Bills defense. Will he be able to navigate their aggressive approach and lead the Jets to victory? Another intriguing subplot is the potential impact of cornerback Sauce Gardner, known for his game-changing interceptions. Can he come up with a pivotal play that could shift the momentum in favor of Buffalo? Looking at recent history, the Bills have been dominant against the Jets in the 2020s, boasting a 5-1 record in their head-to-head matchups. All of these factors contribute to the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated game between Rodgers and the Bills, promising a thrilling showdown that fans won’t want to miss.


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