NFL Draft 2022: Betting Odds, Predictions, Picks, and Best Bets

NFL Draft

My excitement is almost unbearable with the NFL Draft just a day away. We finally get to see what teams think of the prospects that we’ve been doting over for the last few months, giving us cause for reflection as we begin to project how teams will fare in the 2022 season. To appease (y)our impatience for the draft and help you prepare to bet on it, we created an article with everything you need to know before the Jaguars are on the clock to start the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Best Betting Sites For The NFL Draft

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NFL Draft Betting — How To Watch The NFL Draft

  • 📅 NFL Draft Date: 04/28/2022
  • 🕛 NFL Draft Time: 8 pm EST
  • 📺 TV Channels: NFL Network, ESPN, ABC

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NFL Draft Odds | Brief Overview Of Our Best Bets for The 2022 NFL Draft

While all of us relate to the draft when it concerns our team, the whole night is much more fun when we have money riding on it. To help you finish the night in the black, we created a list of our ten favorite bets for Round 1 of the NFL draft.

To point to a few,  Kenny Pickett (+175) and Aidan Hutchinson (+275) are projected to be among the first off the board as they are the most pro-ready players at their positions. Garrett Wilson (-125) is expected to be of major interest for teams looking for a WR, being the healthiest and most complete top 3 WR in this class and thereby contributing to pick movement in the top 10 (+110). Two more notable choices are Gardner at 2 (+3300) and Hamilton at 3 (+2800), both of which give the chance for great returns and make more sense than the oddsmakers think (which we will get into later).

For now, peruse the chart outlining all of the picks we like best heading into the draft. As was mentioned, a detailed explanation of these picks can be found below.

(Odds are as of 04/27)

Player Pick Details  Odds BetOnline Free Play
Garrett Wilson 1st WR Selected -125 BetOnline logo
Kenny Pickett 1st QB Selected +175 BetOnline logo
Aidan Hutchinson 1st Overall Pick +275 BetOnline logo
Ahmad Gardner 2nd Overall Pick +3300 BetOnline logo
Kyle Hamilton 3rd Overall Pick +2800 BetOnline logo
  Steelers 1st Player Drafted     Offensive Lineman   +550 BetOnline logo
Vikings 1st Drafted Player Defensive Lineman +1000 BetOnline logo
Devin Lloyd Top 10 Pick +750 BetOnline logo
Kyle Hamilton Top 5 Pick +1200 BetOnline logo
Trade In Top 10 Picks Yes +110 BetOnline logo

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NFL Draft Best Bets — NFL Draft Prediction and Picks

Let’s go over the best bets for the 2022 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Best Bets: Kenny Pickett (+175) to be the First QB Selected, Aidan Hutchinson (+275) to be First Overall Pick, Garrett Wilson to be First WR Selected (-125) and Trade in Top 10 (+110)

Though there is more to say on Pickett and Hutchinson, the fact that they are the players best prepared for the NFL means that they should come off the board first (Hutchinson 1st overall, Pickett 1st QB). For the sake of brevity, we will move on from these two as well as from Garrett Wilson and a trade happening in the top 10 picks (both of which were elaborated on above).

Best NFL Draft Bets: Ahmad Gardner to be Second Overall Pick (+3300) and Kyle Hamilton to be Third Overall Pick (+2800) and in Top 5 (+1200)

Picking Gardner as the second overall pick is indeed bold, but it makes sense. The Lions will not take an offensive player here, possibly drafting a QB at 32 or 34. They could try to improve their pass rush, but the drop-off in talent for pass-rushers isn’t nearly as great as the drop off in talent for corners. With that being said, the way for them to best improve their team via the draft is to take Gardner, a playmaking corner who can do almost everything, and take a pass-rusher like Arnold Ebiketie later on. The same logic applies for the Texans picking Hamilton at 3. Though they are interested in talent at almost any position, the greatest bump in their win total will come from filling the hole at the back of their defense. They can address WR, RB, and whatever else later on. Of course, Hamilton going 3rd overall means he will go in the top 5, making the +1200 an easy add-on for bettors.

NFL Draft Picks and Predictions: Steelers Draft Offensive Line (+550) and Vikings Draft Defensive Line (+1000)

The next two bets we will explore are which position the Steelers and Vikings will respectively draft first. Picking the Steelers to improve their offensive line is a great bet (+550). Thinking back over the last few years, they have been able to compete with a phenomenal defense and what was at best a mediocre offense. The contract they gave to Mitchell Trubisky indicates a small level of belief in him being able to run a mediocre offense, provided he is aided by a good offensive line and run game. They have Najee Harris; now they improve their line, compete, and take a QB if needed in the much better 2023 draft class. As for the Vikings, it is highly likely that one of the top 4 DEs fall to them at 12, and as a team that believes in building out from the trenches, filling a need along the defensive line makes a ton of sense (+1000). Of course, even with it being likely that Gardner and Stingley will already be off the board Mcduffie is an option to join their heavy zone defense, but I will point back to their identity lying in the trenches.

2022 NFL Draft Betting Picks: Devin Lloyd Drafted in Top 10 (+750)

This leaves our last pick, that of Devin Lloyd going in the top 10 (+750). This may be my favorite pick of them all, as Lloyd is one of only two LBs worthy of the top of the draft and an overall perfect pick for the Jets at 10. Lloyd is a balanced linebacker that can be an immediate starter, even moving outside of C.J. Mosely while he plays out the rest of his contract. This will do wonders for the Jets front 7 and will allow them to immediately benefit from the talent that can take over for Mosely (currently 29) once he ages out of the NFL.

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I hope you found this article helpful and enjoy the booty as we enter the weekend. If you are looking for live draft coverage with succinct analysis, you can find that article here.