NFL Experts collectively agree the New York Giants are clueless

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Did you think that maybe the New York Giants have a method to their madness? Well, think again…

Do the New York Giants actually have a plan with all of these crazy moves they are making this offseason? I mean, this is the most puzzling set of moves that have been made in quite some time. And we just witnessed what Jon Gruden did with the Oakland Raiders last year.

Now, I’m not saying Gruden’s few moves weren’t that bad, but at the same time, he at least got some significant returns for his players. The idea of trading Kahlil Mack was terrible, but the return wasn’t awful. And the first-rounder he got for Amari Cooper was pretty excellent as well.

As we look at the New York Giants’ moves though, they are just flat out bad. They sent Odell Beckham Jr., their best player to the Cleveland Browns for a first-rounder, Jabrill Peppers, and a third-rounder.

Yeah, that’s not great. Not to mention, some of their signings have been quite questionable as well. Let’s also not forget the fact that Eli Manning is still taking up over $20 million of their cap space on the books and he’s not going anywhere. Hey, Dave Gettleman, what are you doing?!

Nobody knows. Not even ESPN NFL Experts. Recently, a handful of experts sat down and discussed the progress of teams during the offseason so far. Everybody agreed that Cleveland won this offseason. But who lost? Clearly, the New York Giants did. When the question “what has been the most head-scratching move?” came up, the Giants got a mention in all but two statements. And not every mention of a questionable move regarded the Beckham trade, which is even worse for New York.

What are they saying about the Giants?

“Trading Beckham is a terrible idea,” Dan Graziano of ESPN says. Although he was asked to name one specific move, he wanted to go on all day. They let Landon Collins walk without franchise tagging him because his pass coverage isn’t up to their standards. However, he’s their best player in the secondary. Also, they traded away Olivier Vernon, while already in need of pass-rushing help.

What else? Oh yeah, the other popular pick was signing Golden Tate. The Giants inked Golden Tate to a four-year $37.5 million deal. That’s not a bad signing considering that’s what Tate desired throughout Free Agency, but do the Giants really believe he’s right for their offensive scheme?

It’s clear that the Giants realized after signing OBJ, they need another number one wideout. So they hired the best guy available. Do they realize they signed a slot receiver though? Tate is good… For what he does best. That’s play in the slot. He’s not an all-around guy that Beckham was. Plus, the Giants already had the slot position filled in with Sterling Shepard.

The Giants didn’t need another slot receiver, they need a guy for the outside. They need a safety because they let their guy leave. They need pass rushing help because they traded all of theirs away. The Giants need a franchise quarterback because Eli Manning isn’t the answer. Soon, the Giants are going to need a new GM, because this is not working out.



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