NFL News: 3 Reasons Why Browns And Eagles Joint Practices Make Sense

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles

NFL preseason news is trickling out.

It was recently announced that the Cleveland Browns will be conducting joint practices this summer with the Philadelphia Eagles in mid-August in Philadelphia.

This is not surprising news because these two teams are connected with the proverbial six degrees of separation.

The area where they are not connected is performance, and Browns fans are painfully aware of that.

Here are three reasons why no one should be surprised that the Browns and Eagles are conducting joint practices this summer.

1. Kevin Stefanski Grew Up In Philadelphia

NFL News: 3 Reasons Why Browns And Eagles Joint Practices Make Sense

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski grew up in Philadelphia and was even an Eagles fan as a child.

Stefanski’s father, Ed, is also a former general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers so a love of Philly sports runs deep in the Stefanski family.

2. Andrew Berry Has Philadelphia Ties Also

NFL News: 3 Reasons Why Browns And Eagles Joint Practices Make Sense

Browns general manager Andrew Berry is the former Vice President of Football Operations for the Eagles.

He served in that role for the 2019 season before taking the Browns GM job in 2020.

In addition, his twin brother Adam Berry is leaving his Wall Street position in May to join the Eagles in an executive role.

It is all in the family for the Berry clan and the Browns and Eagles.

3. The Teams Practiced Together Last Year

The Browns invited the Eagles to Berea for joint practices in August 2022.

It was viewed to be a very positive experience for players and coaches alike.

That is not always the case as there are almost always joint practice fights that emerge between the two teams.


Now that we know the teams are practicing together, we can begin to speculate if any of the team members will move from one team to the other.

A leading possibility would be the free agent running back Kareem Hunt who the Eagles may want to sign because they are not expected to re-sign Miles Sanders.

Hunt’s on-the-field huddle with Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni last August started rumors that he was going to be an Eagle in 2022; those rumors were unfounded as Hunt finished the season with the Browns.

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