NFL News: Robert Griffin III Has Interesting Take On Aaron Rodgers-Jets Talks

Robert Griffin III

The NFL world has been waiting for movement on the Aaron Rodgers story.

As we know, Rodgers, 39, was taking his time during the offseason to evaluate his football future.

Would he retire, return to the Green Bay Packers, or play for another team?

On March 7, we have multiple outlets reporting that Rodgers has been speaking with the Jets, and this is the second day of those talks.

It seems odd that Rodgers, a member of the Green Bay Packers and under contract with the team, would be speaking with the Jets.

The Packers consented to this which means they are metaphorically throwing the doors open and sending him on his way to find a new team.


Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst, Robert Griffin III (RGIII) used a much better analogy to describe what the Packers and Rodgers are up to.

What RGIII Said

RGIII’s analogy sheds light on just how dysfunctional this relationship appears to be.

He said:

“This Aaron Rodgers situation is odd. I’m not giving my Quarterback permission to talk to another team if I want him to be my quarterback. Are you taking your Wife to a restaurant so she can go on a date with someone who is interested in marrying her?”

Perhaps Twitter user Devin Lange had the best take on RGIII’s analogy.

Lange said:

“But in this situation, they have two wives (Rodgers and Love) and are ready to commit to just one (Love).”

Maybe this is the bottom line.

The Packers are done with Rodgers and are trying to figure out a way to get him to gracefully exit the stage to save face with the fanbase who still adores Rodgers.

Packers Aren’t Great At Dealing With Veteran QB Exits

We can look at history to see how bad the Packers are at dealing with their veteran (and future Hall of Fame quarterbacks).

They botched up the Brett Favre situation when Aaron Rodgers was waiting in the wings.

It looks like history may repeat itself.

The difference is that Rodgers was a known talent, and Love is not a sure bet just yet.

Maybe he gets to that level, we just do not know.


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