NFL Offseason Odds – Will QB’s Carson And Colin Be Captains Again?

NFL offseason odds - Carson Wentz and Colin Kaepernick

We are entering an exciting time of the football season- big trades are going down and free agency is opening up. One of the big markets to watch this time of year is the quarterback market, and on that topic, two names have made interesting headlines for NFL bettors in the past week. Carson Wentz found himself taking the cap space of Landon Collins for the Commanders, as the team made a bold move to regain control of their quarterback room. Colin Kaepernick made his own headline, with video of him working out circulating the football world. However, what do these headlines mean, and how can bettors make money off of them? Below, we’ll break down the NFL offseason odds and prop bets available at the best US sportsbooks.

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Will Carson Wentz Command Washington’s Offense?

The story of Carson Wentz is a long, windy one, with the amount of twists and turns that come with narrow, wooded roads one finds out in the boonies. Last year was itself more than a single chapter, with moments of encouragement sprinkled and sometimes topped with moments of complete and horrified awe. Still, his stats in a clean pocket weren’t horrible, and the memory of his MVP season is fresh enough in everyone’s mind. So the question remains, will he be the starting QB for the Commanders come Week 1?

The odds slightly lean towards no (-130), though it may be fruitful to disagree. Washington brought Wentz in to their QB room for a reason: they need a quarterback for 2022. Taylor Heinicke is a fun guy to support and a great backup QB, but the Commanders don’t think that he can be much more than that. Meanwhile, though they hold the 11th pick in the NFL draft and trading up for a QB of their choosing is not out of the question, there is really only one pro-ready quarterback in this draft (Kenny Pickett), and he does not have as much potential as Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder do. With that being said, it is a smart bet that the Commanders chose to eat Wentz’s massive contract for one year in order to help their loaded roster compete, but that they are also still looking for the best possible franchise QB. In fact, that makes all the sense in the world. They could have saved money by going with Kenny Pickett, but they chose not to. They want the best franchise QB possible, and that means Wentz in the short term. Bet on him to start in Week 1.

For a glimpse at the NFL odds for Wentz to start in Week 1, check out the chart from BetOnline, one of the best NFL betting sites.

Bet Will Carson Wentz be Commanders starting QB in Week 1? Play
Yes -110 BetOnline logo
No -130 BetOnline logo

*all NFL odds as of March 11, 2022

Will Colin Kaepernick Return to the NFL?

It is admirable that Colin Kaepernick either still loves the sport so much that his workouts consist of its drills or still maintains hope for working his way back onto an NFL roster. It seems likely, though, that the former is the sole story here. Simply put, Colin did not have a great career before he kneed for the National Anthem. He was alright, but he was a young QB on a great team when he played well, and he did not consistently play well. Sure, the politics of it all makes it fun to speculate, but the odds here agree with me. Colin Kaepernick is set at +900 to sign with an NFL team by Week 2. Are you bold enough to disagree? Check out a complete breakdown of the NFL offseason odds from BetOnline below.

Bet Will Colin Kaepernick sign with an NFL team by Week 2? Play
Yes +900 BetOnline logo
No -3000 BetOnline logo

*all NFL odds as of March 11, 2022

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