NHL Betting Trends: Overs among the most profitable bets during playoffs

The 2022 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have been nothing but great hockey featuring all of the best teams in the NHL. When looking at some of the betting trends for these games, it’s easy to see that the overs are profiting at an insane level. Below, let’s go over a list of some of the top betting trends during the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Stanley Cup Betting Trends

Let’s take a look at the 2022 Stanley Cup betting trends below.

  • Away Teams 11-16-1
  • Home Teams 17-9-2
  • Favorites 17-10-1
  • Underdogs 11-15-2
  • Non-overtime games have gone over 18 times and under 6 times
  • All games have gone over 19 times and under 8 times

Overs Are A Major Trend In The Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s somewhat surprising how many of the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff games have gone over to start these first-round series’. Not only do these teams play elite-level offense, but they are also some of the best at keeping the puck out of the net.

Because of how well a lot of goalies played throughout the regular season, it’s a bit surprising how this trend is happening.

However, we must think about one thing here and that’s when the playoffs start, the best players in the world are all playing against each other. A goalie can only be as good as their defense is and as we have seen with some of the first-round matchups, some teams are significantly better than others. We have also seen multiple goalies struggle throughout their series, including Igor Shesterkin who had to be benched for the New York Rangers.

Home Teams Winning Over 60% Of The Time In The Stanley Cup Playoffs

This trend doesn’t seem as surprising as the one about the overs. Considering that all home arenas are rocking for their respective team to get the job done, it makes sense why the home team is winning over 60% of the time.

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