NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2023 Odds, Prediction, & Expert Picks


Both of these squads have had quite the journey to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Vegas Golden Knights’ journey to the Stanley Cup Final for the second time in just six seasons is nothing short of extraordinary. Their inaugural season run to the championship round was an unprecedented feat for an expansion franchise. While they ultimately fell short against the Washington Capitals, the Golden Knights are now determined to bring the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas.

After a series-clinching victory over the Dallas Stars, the Golden Knights have earned their place in the Stanley Cup Final. They are viewed as the favorites to win the series, opening with a -130 betting line. On the other hand, the Florida Panthers, who entered the playoffs as the No. 8 seed, are considered the underdogs with a +110 betting line.

Florida Has Bounced Back From Last Year’s Disappointing Exit

Indeed, the Florida Panthers have followed a similar path to their NBA counterpart, the Miami Heat, with a less impressive regular season but a strong playoff performance. Despite a subpar regular season, the Panthers showed their resilience by staging a remarkable comeback win against the Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs. Building on that momentum, they dominated their next two series against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Carolina Hurricanes, losing only a single game.

One of the driving forces behind the Panthers’ success has been the exceptional play of goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, whose outstanding performances have been instrumental in their playoff run. After falling short in the playoffs last season despite being the NHL’s best team in the regular season, the Panthers have saved their best for the postseason this time around. Motivated and hungry for success, they are determined to raise the Stanley Cup and make their mark in franchise history.

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2023 Stanley Cup Final Odds

Stanley Cup Champion Odds Odds Play
Vegas Golden Knights -130 BetOnline logo
Florida Panthers +110 BetOnline logo

Alternate Stanley Cup Final Odds

Florida Panthers Win Series (+110)

  • 4 Games (+1200)
  • 5 Games (+750)
  • 6 Games (+475)
  • 7 Games (+550)

Vegas Golden Knights Win Series (-130)

  • 4 Games (+1000)
  • 5 Games (+550)
  • 6 Games (+400)
  • 7 Games (+425)

Series Total Games

  • 4 Games (+500)
  • 5 Games (+275)
  • 6 Games (+205)
  • 7 Games (+200)

2023 Stanley Cup Final Prediction and Pick

Both squads possess strong goaltending and scoring prowess, making for what looks like a fairly even matchup on paper. However, the Panthers have found themselves outplayed in several of their postseason contests, exposing a potential vulnerability. Their heavy reliance on the exceptional skills of Sergei Bobrovsky raises questions about their ability to withstand the challenges posed by the Golden Knights. Now, Bobrovsky could continue to stand on his head and deliver The Cup to the Panthers himself, but it feels like a big ask against this Vegas team that scores early and often and applies a ton of pressure.

On the other hand, the Golden Knights have demonstrated their mettle by consistently playing with a lead throughout the playoffs. They’ve put pressure on teams early and continue to jump ahead, forcing teams to play from behind and be more aggressive than they may want. The standout performances of Adin Hill have provided a remarkable substitute in net and as he plays with confidence, so do the Knights

One crucial advantage that the Golden Knights possess is their remarkable depth. This team is just so loaded through three full lines. This depth, combined with their ability to play with a lead, makes them a bit of a nightmare for the Panthers to contend with. For me, all things point to the Knights, despite how great the Panthers have been.

The Pick: Vegas Golden Knights -130

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