NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Odds, Preview, Predictions

NHL Playoffs

With the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs getting started on Monday, May 2nd, it’s time to start looking at the series odds for each matchup. Continue reading below to get our NHL playoff series odds and breakdowns of each series.

The Best Sportsbooks for Betting on the NHL Playoffs

Below, we have gathered the top sportsbooks for betting on the NHL playoffs.

NHL Playoffs Odds | NHL Playoff Series Odds for Round 1

Below, we’ll break down the odds to win each series in the first round of the NHL Playoffs.

Florida Panthers vs Washington Capitals Odds

Bet Panthers Capitals Play
To Win Series -320 +250 BetOnline logo

The Florida Panthers are going to be entering the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs with the most points in the NHL. They finished with 122 in the regular season and it’s to be expected that this team is going to continue their incredible play throughout the playoffs.

The Washington Capitals, on the other hand, have been no slouch either. They’re going to be coming into this one with 100 points, but can certainly give the Panthers a tough time if Florida doesn’t come out and play their best.

Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville Predators Odds

Bet Avalanche Predators Play
To Win Series -600 +450 BetOnline logo

The series between the Colorado Avalanche and the Nashville Predators are going to have the Avalanche having the highest odds for any playoff series in the first round. Rightfully so, Colorado is going to be coming into this one with 119 points, while the Predators will be coming in with just 97.

This is a series that Colorado should be able to take care of business in, but we’ve seen crazier things happen in the past.

Los Angeles Kings vs Edmonton Oilers Odds

Bet Oilers Kings Play
To Win Series -250 +200 BetOnline logo

Although the Edmonton Oilers are one of the best teams in hockey, their series against the Los Angeles Kings could actually get interesting. Connor McDavid and company are going to have to play their best hockey if they want to get by a tough Los Angeles team.

The Oilers finished the regular season with 104 points, while Los Angeles will be coming in with 99.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers Odds

Bet Penguins Rangers Play
To Win Series -110 -110 BetOnline logo

The series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers should be the best of the first round. It’s tough to say at the moment who’s going to be the better team considering that they had similar regular seasons.

The Rangers are going to be coming into this one with 110 points, while the Penguins will be right behind them at 103. The Penguins probably would’ve had a better season if they didn’t have to deal with some tough injuries throughout the year.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lightning Odds

Bet Maple Leafs Lightning Play
To Win Series -120 +100 BetOnline logo

The Toronto Maple Leafs certainly had an incredible season finishing with 115 points, but with the Tampa Bay Lightning getting plus money in this series, it could be a good time to put some money on them.

Tampa Bay had an interesting season that didn’t necessarily see them be as dominant as they’ve been in the past, but with this team’s Stanley Cup experience, they could be able to figure it out and get by a tough Maple Leafs team.

Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes Odds

Bet Hurricanes Bruins Play
To Win Series 115 +105 BetOnline logo

Another great series is going to be between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes. Carolina was arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference throughout the regular season finishing with 116 points, while Boston finished with 107.

The Hurricanes are going to be entering the playoffs with a six-game winning streak and are going to look to continue their dominance from the regular season during the playoffs.

Dallas Stars vs Calgary Flames Odds

Bet Flames Stars Play
To Win Series 280 +220 BetOnline logo

The series between the Calgary Flames and the Dallas Stars isn’t getting talked about nearly enough. Although Calgary had the most points in the Pacific Division this season with 111, the Stars had an interesting season that saw them beat some top-tier teams.

Dallas is one of those teams that you don’t really know what you’re going to get out of every night, which could it be a positive or a negative in the playoffs. If they come out and play their best hockey, this is certainly a winnable series for them.

St. Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild Odds

Bet Wild Blues Play
To Win Series 150 +130 BetOnline logo

The St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild should also be one of the best series of the playoffs. Minnesota is going to be coming into this one with 113 points, while St. Louis is going to be coming in with 109.

This could be one of those classic seven-game NHL playoff series, so expect a wild one here.