Not Getting It Done

It??s discouraging to let such a perfect opportunity slip away. An opportunity so large that this may be the game looked back on, causing Sox fans to shake their heads in disgust and wonder how 2005 got away. Last night, if the Red Sox just hold on to leads of 3-0 and 5-2, they??re sitting pretty in first place in the East with a one game lead. And I contemplate we all know how colossal one game is in the standings with only five to play. While the Yankees were being pounded and the Indians surprised, the Red Sox simply could not execute an easy game plan- win.
You can blame the loss on many things. The bullpen might be the correct way to go. Chad Harville and Craig Hansen pitching in their situations can come into question. Chad Bradford being used to face four batters, while Myers only faced one in an already thin bullpen. Where is Delcarmen, or does Tito know he is completely ineffective? Is Papelbon already way over his season limit? All of these questions are answered in the game thread from yesterday, so go ahead and check it out. I??m just here to point out the obvious in saying that this Red Sox bullpen will be the one and only factor that will A) keep the Sox out of the playoffs or B) knock them out of the playoffs early. Maybe Theo is to blame.
In the first game of the doubleheader, Mr. Red Sock Tim Wakefield proved once again that he is the most reliable pitcher on our staff. He is surely the ace, a knuckleballer that we have seen hammered and failed at during his long stint with Boston. Wakefield has been nothing short of a saint for the Sox since the All-Star Break. Actually, we??d probably be two or three games back without him. But having a knuckleballer as the ace of a staff heading into the playoffs doesn??t make me jump up and down. Unless it??s Hoyt Wilhelm.
Most likely, the Sox and Yanks will be tied heading into the weekend series. This is how the great one above intended it to be, to quote Johnny Damon. Do I think we can go up a game before that monster series? No, I don??t. That??s the best we??re going to see out of the Orioles for the rest of the season, and the Sox failed to capitalize on a great situation and may pay the price. Missing a golden opportunity like that is almost more frustrating than losing by a blowout and the Yankees winning, if that??s possible.
Then there??s the wild card. Any way the Sox can reach the playoffs is dandy to me, but the Wild Card is like kissing your sister in this case. This is the biggest chance the Sox have of ending this dynasty of Yankee domination in the East for over a decade, so it would pretty much put icing on the cake. Complete the comeback and overtake those devils last year, and now win the division the following season. Let??s make this happen, boys.
As for Curt Schilling?

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