Notes From The Carl Edwards And Daniel Suarez Press Conference

Carl Stated that his three reasons for quitting NASCAR are that he is personally satisfied with his career, wanted to spend time outside the sport on other things, and his health.

Carl stated that if he did want to race again that he would call Joe Gibbs First.

Carl is open to doing more announcing stuff and stated he is not ready now to run for public office.

Multiple times he stated this is a risky sport.

“Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a hell of a guy,” Carl started on him and he went on say it was one of his factors in his decision to retire from racing.

“This is not a money deal.”

“The sport has a really bright future.”

Then they took a break to get ready for the second press conference which was on Daniel Suarez being named for the driver of the #19 car.

Joe Gibbs stated that he was totally surprised on this news and that he was totally committed on his retirement.

“Daniel was the obvious choice,” said Joe Gibbs.

“Wasn’t expected to be in this position,” said Daniel Suarez.  “A perfect place to be a for a rookie like me.”

Joe Gibbs stated that three cars will be run in the Xfinity series.  Daniel is not going to run full time and his Monster Energy teammates will chip in driving some races.

Daniel stated he was at lunch at time he was told that he got this ride.


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