Notes From the Weekend

One more complaint about Brink and then I’m done. He follows his receiver the whole way. Even Thrasher noticed that at the OSU game and its the reason he had 4 picks in that game. Not because Bienemin ran the wrong route.

I have a few other obscure notes from Saturday which I actually wrote down as they hit me:

1) Cougs need to Sh!t or get off the pot on the 2-back offense. Using it occassionally like they have produced nothing. I think it produced negative yards in this weeks game. I’ve been a big fan of the 2-back set but with #1 back there we don’t need it. If we had a mediocre back I wouldn’t mind taking one or our mediocre receivers off the field to run it. Just as long as we consistantly run it.

2) Mercedes is a girls name. And while we’re on that subject you can’t call it a mismatch when that guy runs across the middle and no one is covering him. Trent was lost back there, whenever Lewis ran by him he didn’t know what to do. How about a little help back there though. Maybe the safeties could keep an eye out for that guy. The play I’m remembering, when he caught a pass all alone across the middle, was after he’d already caught a TD pass along with a few other 1st down passes. Easy for me to say I guess.

3) I think I would rather pluck hairs off my sack one by one than listen to Mike Goldberg, D’Marco Farr and Billy Ray Smith talk football.

4) Can Leinart get inducted into the Hall of Fame without actually playing pro ball. I suppose not. Can you imagine how disappointing it would be if (God forbid) he had a career ending injury and never played a down in the show. I can’t wait to see what he can do.

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