Now that the disappointment has worn off…somewhat.

Oh, the game last night was a horrid 4-0 loss to the Kings? How did this happen you ask? Well for starters, only Doan and Rhino really seemed to show up. Jokinen again looked like he was playing pee-wee hockey and Mueller was no where to be seen. Byrz couldn’t stop a puck if it hit him in the face. Why they kept him in is beyond me. At one point in the second it appeared as if they were getting Telly ready but they kept Bryz in. Although, I guess at that point it wouldn’t have matter. It also looked like Carcillo might be injured. On Friday night, he didn’t seem like himself. He looked off. And I noticed it again last night. Then he got into a fight and it didn’t seem like he played much after that. When he was out there, he seemed slow.

Jovo has returned to his normal routine, losing the puck at the blue line, not really hitting anyone, taking shots when there is a Kings player right in front of him, hesitating/passing when he should shoot. He was Jovocop for a few games but he just can’t sustain that level anymore. Or he is just sheer lazy and knows this is his last NHL contract and we are stuck with him no matter what.

Also, we need to bring back either Winnik or Tiki. They are both so good defensively and we need that. I noticed the last few games without them that the Coyotes have had a harder time creating scoring chances.

The boarding call on Lisin was pure BS. He was hit by the Kings player, yet he gets boarding? Booooooooo. There was some bad calls tonight but it went both ways. The Kings got it in the 3rd and we got it in the 1st and 2nd.

And yes, I am really liking Quick as a goalie. He is still young, but it seems like he has what it takes to be the Kings starting goalie. He’s had 2 shuouts in 8 NHL games. Impressive. He doesn’t seem to give up a lot of big rebounds either. He may be the last piece in the Kings puzzle.

Well, here’s to hoping we can ring in the new year with a win against Colorado!

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