‘NXT’ (1/13/21) Results And Review: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Begins, Women’s Tag Teams Announced, And More


NXT took place inside the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. This show marked the start of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Undisputed Era took on Breezango and the Grizzled Young Veterans took on Ever Rise. Plus, Dexter Lumis took on the North American Champion Johnny Gargano while Candice LeRae took on Shotzi Blackheart.

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Candice LeRae Defeated Shotzi Blackheart

Pete Dunne arrived at the Capital Wrestling Center with the Tag Team Champions Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Finn Balor was in the ring. Finn talked about Kyle O’Reilly and giving him credit. he said Kyle stepped up but got put down. He said Kyle is eating his meals through a straw. He said he is a target and warned everyone that they ran out of the cloth he was cut from. Pete Dunne along with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan interrupted. Dunne said he knew someday it was going to come down to Finn and him. He said Finn has the title because Dunne hasn’t taken it yet. He said he is not taking it anymore. They went after Finn but Finn fought against them. Dunne attacked Finn’s arm. The three of them beat down Finn until Kyle O’Reilly came out. They beat Kyle down until Roderick Strong and Adam Cole came to Kyle’s aid. Dunne, Lorcan and Burch retreated. Finn looked at them and left the ring.

Johnny Gargano was interviewed about tonight and Candice’s match. He praised her performance and claimed him and Theory will win the Dusty Classic. His mixed tag match last week was mentioned and he claimed that it was a fluke because they did not prepare for it. Austin Theory gave Gargano a envelope from Lumis showing a drawing that made fun of Gargano and Theory. Theory tells Gargano that Gargano is going to kick Lumis’ ass. They leave.

The Grizzled Young Veterans came down to the ring saying that they are sorry for the fans looking for an upset. They said 2021 is their year and they will be recognized as the winners of the Dusty Classic and soon to be NXT Tag Team Champions.

Regal appeared on the screen welcoming the teams to the Dusty Classic and started the tournament.

Grizzled Young Veterans Defeated Ever Rise To Advance In The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Raquel Gonzalez recapped the Last Woman Standing match saying Rhea is like 2020, a bad memory we all need to forget. She said she is looking ahead to the NXT Women’s Championship. She said there is a new baddest bitch in town and it is her.

Shotzi Blackheart was interviewed about her loss against Candice. She said it sucked that she lost but it’s time to move on to the Dusty Classic. She brings in Ember Moon as her partner. Ember said they will enforce Ember’s law to everyone in the tournament and they will win the trophy.

Johnny Gargano Defeated Dexter Lumis

Dexter got Theory in the choke hold until Gargano saved him. Gargano attacked Dexter outside the ring. He grabbed a chair and was about to swing at him until Kushida came to Dexter’s aid. Kushida took Theory and Gargano out. Kushida had Gargano in the arm bar as Lumis had Theory in the choke hold. Kushida picked up the North American title in front of Gargano.

Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch were interviewed about what happened earlier. They said everyone wants a shot at their titles and they are upset about Undisputed Era sticking their nose in their business. Dunne said Kyle O’Reilly is in his way of getting to the NXT Championship so he will push him out of his way.

Wade Barrett sat down with Ciampa and Thatcher. Wade asked how his injury is and he said he is good to go. Ciampa asked what was his injury and Thatcher doesn’t answer. Ciampa said he has no fear to enter the Fight Pit even though Thatcher is undefeated. Ciampa said Thatcher is a piece of garbage as a coach. He said he will take any liberty to hurt him. Thatcher said Ciampa is man who is questioning whether he still has it. Ciampa said he will show Thatcher that he still has it.

The Undisputed Era was interviewed about Dunne, Burch and Lorcan. They said if they want to come down during their match, they got no problem with that. Cole said they got respect for Breezango but they will beat them to advance.

MSK Defeated Isiah Swerve Scott and Jake Atlas To Advance In The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

They announce a few teams of the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They announce Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter, Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez and Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart.

A Karrion Kross promo was shown. Scarlett showed that they took care of Damien Priest and now they set their sights on Finn Balor and the NXT title.

Xia Li Defeated Her Opponent

Xia’s master gave Xia a signal and she attacked her opponent after the match.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter talked about their opponents Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez. They tell them to underestimate them because they will shock everyone to win against them and go on to win the Dusty Tag Team Classic.

Footage of Jake Atlas and Isiah Swerve Scott fighting during the break was shown. Bronson Reed helped break up the fight. He tells Swerve to cool it as Swerve was talking trash to him. Swerve walks away.

Undisputed Era Defeated Breezango To Advance To The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

They checked on Kyle O’Reilly who was attacked by Dunne, Burch and Lorcan. The show ended with Undisputed Era staring down Dunne, Burch and Lorcan who are standing by the entrance ramp.

Overall Review: This was pretty much an average solid NXT show. The main focus was the Dusty Rhodes Classic with the matches on the men’s side and the announcement of some of the women teams. I really liked the match between Gargano and Lumis. I definitely see Johnny defending the title against him some time down the road. He;s better opponent and could have a really entertaining rivalry for the title. The tag matches were really solid including the debut of MSK. They were pretty impressive in their debut match. I can’t wait for Ciampa and Thatcher in the Fight Pit next week. Other than that, nothing really significant or must see happened and it was mostly solid.

Grade: 6/10


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