‘NXT’ (1/27/21) Results And Review: Finn Balor And Kyle O’Reilly Team Up, Dusty Rhodes Classic Continues, And More

NXT took place inside the Capital Wrestling Center where the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continued with Killian Dain and Drake Maverick taking on the new exciting team of MSK. Plus, the NXT Champion Finn Balor teamed up with Kyle O’Reilly to take on Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. On the women’s side, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez took on Aliyah and Jessi Kamea and the Cruiserweight championship was on the line as Santos Escobar defended against Curt Stallion.

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MSK Defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain To Advance In The Dusty Rhodes Classic

Footage was shown of Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne arriving at the Capital Wrestling Center earlier today.

A highlight package of Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez was shown as well as Aliyah and Jessi Kamea.

An interview was shown of Curt Stallion saying that he saw shooting stars when he worked back home and he knew that he was Curt Stallion. He said he needs to strap a rocket to his back and win the Cruiserweight title in order to do that. He said it will launch him to superstardom.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez Defeated Jessi Komea and Aliyah To Advance In The Dusty Rhodes Classic

The Way was interviewed. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae say they don’t care what team they face, they will find a way to win. McKenzie mentions Kushida to Johnny Gargano but he tells them not to mention them. Austin tried to speak about him but Johnny stopped him and said he had a fluke win over him and doesn’t want anybody to say his name. They leave.

A video package showed Scarlett drawing a fool card and a hierophant card. She says to fall and prey as she hypes up Karrion Kross.

Malcolm Bivens was talking in a video promo saying that Rust made a mistake last week but will get back on track tonight and prove that he is the diamond in the rust.

Tyler Rust Defeated Dante Rios

Malcolm and Tyler posed for a selfie after the match as they stand on top of Dante.

A highlight package of the Grizzled Young Veterans are shown saying they are the best tag team of their generation. Kushida and Leon Ruff claimed they will punch their ticket to the semi finals.

McKenzie interviewed Finn Balor about his tag match later on until Kyle O’Reilly interrupted. Finn asked if he is ready and Kyle said he is always ready. Kyle said hee doesn’t trust him but he doesn’t have to if they are on the same page. They said they will see each other out there.

The Grizzled Young Veterans were on the mic as they trash talked Kushida and Leon saying their 5 minutes of tag experience won’t much their 15 years of experience. They say they will soon be the winners of the tournament and be the new tag team champions.

The Grizzled Young Veterans Defeated Leon Ruff and Kushida To Advance In The Dusty Rhodes Classic

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory attacked Kushida and Leon after the match. Kushida tried to fight back but Johnny caught him with a kick. As they were beating them down, Dexter Lumis stared down at them from the front row. They left.

Curt Stallion was found laid out backstage with trainers around him. Regal asked what happened and Curt said Legado. Regal left as the trainers checked up on him.

Vic Joseph announced that Curt Stallion will not be able to compete for the Cruiserweight title later on.

Santos Escobar was interviewed about not defending the title later on and he said it is a shame because he was looking forward to it. Regal yelled at them accusing Stallion of the attack. Santos said they had nothing to do with it. Regal said the title match will happen next week and there will be consequences if Stallion is taken out again. Santos and Legado Del Fantasma decide to go out for happy hour until they found a card from Karrion Kross. Santos teased them that the end is near and threw the card away so they could head out.

Toni Storm came out to the ring. She said she makes it happen when she wants something. She reminds Io that she beat Io to win the Mae Young Classic. She says she wants to hurt, ruin Io and take the Women’s title from her. Io Shirai came out to the ring and said she’ll fight her anyway. She said she doesn’t like Toni. The two of them brawled in the ring. Io kicked her out of the ring. Mercedes Martinez came out and attacked Io. Toni and Mercedes fought over the title belt in the ring until Io missile drop kicked them. Io took the fight to Mercedes until Toni tripped her off the top rope. Toni took out Mercedes outside and took Io by the turnbuckle. The segment ended with Toni holding the belt.

Isiah Swerve Scott was interviewed about getting in Bronson’s face before his match last week. Isiah said if Bronson wants to get in his business then he’ll get into Bronson’s business. He said everyone wants to point the finger at him. He asks McKenzie to point a finger at him and then asks how many finger is he pointing at her. He leaves.

A video promo for Imperium was shown. Alexander Wolfe talked about being dominate until they were isolated. They say their unity will restore and Wolfe’s arrival is only the beginning.

McKenzie interviewed Undisputed Era about their match with Thatcher and Ciampa next week. Cole said they know how tough Ciampa is because they have fought him. Strong said they are experienced tough guys but they are more experienced as a team. He says they will become 2 time Dusty Classic winners.

Bronson Reed Defeated Isiah Swerve Scott

Ciampa was backstage saying he’s been in the business for 16 years and last week he was in a fight that he’ll remember. He said it was a fight that commanded respect. Thatcher came in and said respect between them grew as they fought last week and that’s why he accepted to team with Ciampa. Ciampa said next week against Undisputed Era will be a war. Ciampa throws the chair down and walks away as Thatcher sat there.

Kyle O’Reilly an Finn Balor Defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Finn and Kyle stared each other down. Pete Dunne came into the ring. Danny and Oney attacked Finn and Kyle along with Pete. They continued to attack until Undisputed Era came down to their aid. Pete snapped Finn’s fingers right before Undisputed Era hit the ring. Pete, Oney and Danny retreated as soon Undisputed Era came in. Finn stood side by side with Undisputed Era but then Finn left the ring leaving Undisputed Era in the ring staring down at Pete Dunne’s crew. The show ended.

Overall Review: Another solid show. It was another show for the Dusty Rhodes Classic on both the men’s and women’s side. Nothing really special came out of it, just seemed more of a show that was there just to get through the week. I see Io Shirai defending the title in a triple threat against Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez after the segment they had and that’s going to be a really physical match to look forward to. I thought the best tag match in the Classic would have to be the MSK match, everything else wasn’t bad but didn’t really stick out as much. I do like they are doing a build for the Cruiserweight title match with Santos and Stallion and not blowing off the match right away. Even with the interview segment with Stallion, I appreciate them trying to introduce him to the NXT viewers who don’t watch 205 Live. I wouldn’t say it really caught my eye but it wasn’t a bad interview either. Even the main event tag with Finn and Kyle O’Reilly wasn’t bad but again it was part of the feel of the night where it was solid but nothing that’s noteworthy.

Grade: 6/10