‘NXT’ (11/11): Results And Review: Shocking Title Change, Women’s Title Match Announced For Next Week, And More


This edition of NXT took place once again at the Capital Wrestling Center. The show featured championship matches including Johnny Gargano defending the North American Championship against a mystery opponent, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch put the Tag Titles on the line against the former champs Breezango and Santos Escobar took on Jake Atlas for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Johnny Gargano kicked off the show with the Wheel Of Challengers in the ring. He talked about winning the title for the second time and how he has been cursed to lose his first title defenses. He promises to break the curse with his opponent. He spins the wheel and it suspiciously lands on Leon Ruff.

Leon Ruff Defeated Johnny Gargano To Become The NEW North American Champion

Review: I don’t know what to make of this. I think it’s going to be short reign for Leon Ruff and Johnny will get it back some how but this was pretty much all for shock value and it just felt a little ridiculous to me. I will say though that it is a fresh of breath air from how NXT usually kicks off the show.

Leon was interviewed about his title win. He said it feels amazing but Damien Priest tells him to run off before Johnny finds him. Leon runs away and Johnny confronted Priest. Officials separated them and Johnny tried to get Regal to reverse the decision.

Santos Escobar Defeated Jake Atlas To Retain The Cruiserweight Championship

Review: Pretty good match. It kind of dragged a little bit but it was what it was.

A video package showed Shotzi Blackheart saying that the tank that Candice crushed represented family that served in the military. She tells Candice she is looking to kick her ass.

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Raquel Gonzalez was ready for her match with Xia Li until Boa, Xia’s messenger came out saying that Xia can’t compete. Raquel attacked Boa outside the ring, throwing him into the plexiglass. Raquel slams Boa into the mat saying Xia better get Raquel’s name out of her mouth. All of a sudden, an older man gives Boa a letter and gave him a mark on his hand.

August Gray was interviewed about attacking Timothy Thatcher’s class last week until Thatcher attacked him from behind. Thatcher choked him out with the front face head lock and threw him into Dexter Lumis’ drawing. Dexter Lumis came up to Thatcher, angry about what Thatcher did to his art. Thatcher said he doesn’t have a problem with him. He leaves as Regal gets in between the two of them.

Candice LeRae Defeated Toni Storm

Toni went after Candice after the match. The person in the Scream mask attacked Toni. Shotzi Blackheart came to Toni’s aid but they beat Shotzi down. The person in the mask was revealed to be Indy Hartwell.

Review: The match was good. This was to further the storyline of Shotzi and Candice and reveal that Indy Hartwell was the person in the Ghostface costume which really was no surprise to anyone that has been following the storyline with the Gargano’s.

Breezango talked about how Pat McAfee doesn’t belong here and they are focused to get the tag titles back.

Timothy Thatcher Defeated Dexter Lumis

Cameron Grimes attacked Lumis in the ring. Lumis tried to fight back but Lumis attacked his arm. Grimes put Lumis’ head in a burlap sack and continued to beat him down. Grimes took out Lumis with the Cave In as Lumis was on the chair.

Review: Good match. I was thinking that Lumis and Thatcher were going to have a feud which I was looking forward to but it looks like they are continuing the Grimes/Lumis rivalry and possibly doing something like a blindfold match with how Grimes used the bag to blind him.

Gargano was outside Regal’s office saying that he has calmed down and wants to talk to him. Regal came outside and Johnny wanted him to reverse the decision. Regal said it was Johnny’s match and he wanted it so the decision stands. Johnny flips out on him as Regal goes back in his office.

Tommaso Ciampa talked about training with tough men like Killer Kowalski. He claimed times have changed with everybody saying how tough they are but they complain and get rewarded. Ciampa said he is the last of a dying breed and he claims the 2020 locker room culture is going to change. He says he is the change.

A prime target video package was shown of Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. Io said she has stopped momentum on every challenger she has faced and Rhea will be another one to the list. Rhea said she doesn’t care if Io thinks she is too emotional, she will bounce back and become Women’s Champion again.

Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch came to the ring. Pat gloated about what Pete Dunne did to Killian Dain last week. He insults the fans saying that they don’t deserve to watch Lorcan and Burch beat Breezango and he will dominate the commentary table with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

Cameron Grimes was gloating about beating down Lumis. He said he’ll be going to the moon.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan Defeated Breezango To Retain The NXT Tag Team Championship

Drake Maverick tried to fight back against McAfee’s crew but they beat him down. They continued to beat down Breezango by tossing them into the announce table. McAfee punts Tyler Breeze on the announce table as they finished them off. The show goes off the air as they trashed talk into the camera.

Review: Good main event. They had me when it looked like Fandango was about to get the pin but there was no way Oney and Burch were losing the tag titles this early into the stable with McAfee.

Overall Review: Wasn’t a bad show but was mostly average. There were notable things on the show I enjoyed like the Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai promo, the main event match and the Lumis/Thatcher match. Other than that, nothing really noteworthy.

Overall Grade: 6/10



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