‘NXT’ (11/25) Results And Review: Team Member Revealed For Team Candice, Ladder Match Main Event, And More


This show took place at the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. The show featured matches such as Ember Moon taking on Candice LeRae and Pete Dunne taking on a member of The Undisputed Era. Kevin Owens also appears as a guest commentator along with Vic Joseph.

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Candice LeRae Defeated Ember Moon

Candice’s WarGames team attacked Ember until Toni Storm came out and helped her up. Ember was about to go after them until Toni grabbed Ember and attacked her. Toni threw her into the ring to Candice’s team as they beat down Ember.

Review: Good match, nothing more to really comment on it. This was to build to their WarGames match. I did not expect Toni turning heel at all and attacking Ember. We’ll see where this goes though.

The Undisputed Era made their way to the Capital Wrestling Center. Cole said they are going to the ring as they entered the building.

Legado Del Fantasma were bragging about their dominance this year on NXT in a video promo. Santos talked about Curt Stallion being the next guy potentially to compete against them and he claims when they say they are going to do something, it gets done.

Undisputed Era came down to the ring. They showed Pat McAfee on his podcast show saying that he won’t be there tonight but he can’t wait for him and his team to beat down Undisputed Era at WarGames. Cole said The Undisputed Era is not dead. He calls Pat a coward and said he will enjoy being in the cage with him. Kyle O’Reilly said it was fun beating them down last week. Kyle tells Cole he needs to fight Pete tonight. They all agree. Cole said he loves that Pete will fight an angry Kyle O’Reilly and he will fight a different Undisputed Era. He said they will prove who they say they are and they will make sure they are never the same.

Candice tried to get interviewed backstage about what happened with Toni Storm and she introduced Storm as her new teammate. Toni said she told everyone they are going to see a new Toni Storm and that’s what she gave them.

Before Thatcher’s match with Kushida, Tommaso Ciampa came out with a chair and sat in it by the ramp.

Kushida Defeated Timothy Thatcher

Review: Really good physical battle. It was the kind of match you expect them to have. The distraction by Ciampa was kind of hokey with him just standing up from the chair but whatever.

A promo showing Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai talk about their title match last week. Rhea talked about how much punishment her body took. She said she doesn’t like Io Shirai but she respects her. Rhea said she doesn’t know where she goes from here.

Pete Dunne was interviewed about Kyle O’Reilly being his opponent and he has no problem with that. He said they broke Undisputed Era once and they’ll do it again at WarGames.

Kevin Owens welcomed everyone to the KO Show. He said he’ll be here whenever he is invited back. He introduced the North American Champion Leon Ruff to the ring. Ruff comes out to the ring. Owens asked Ruff to tell his story to everyone and gave him the floor. Ruff said he wanted to be a Superstar his entire life. He said it’s unreal that in a short period of time he has been here, he won the North American title. Ruff said it was embarrassing that the title couldn’t fit him and Owens mentioned the NXT title was too big to fit himself. Ruff said he wants to be an inspiration to people like him. Owens tells hi to be proud of what he has accomplished. The fans chant “You Deserve it.” Ruff tells everyone to not give up on your dreams. Owens mentions that he needs to say it with more conviction. Ruff gets excited and celebrates that he has beaten Johnny Gargano twice. Owens bring up that now Gargano will come out to interrupt and Gargano comes out a little after the cue. Gargano said that this is a joke and calls Ruff a child. Owens gives Gargano a chair but Gargano tossed it back out. Gargano wants Ruff to say that he is the real North American Champion. Gargano mentioned Priest and Owens counts down to Priest coming out. Priest came out saying that he thinks Ruff is better than him as a fact. Gargano said he will beat up Ruff to prove he is a joke. He pushes Ruff down. Priest mentions he never got a rematch for the title and brings up Ruff saying he will face both of us. Owens mentions someone who can make the Triple Threat match and Regal comes out. Regal announces at WarGames, it will be Priest, Gargano and Ruff in a Triple Threat Match for the title.

A promo from Finn Balor was shown saying he is back and he is not a hard man to find.

Shotzi Blackheart appeared in a video promo, rebuilding the tank.

Cameron Grimes Defeated Jake Atlas

Dexter Lumis appeared on the apron after the match and Grimes left the ring. He pinted to the screen which showed Grimes running away in the Haunted House match. Lumis throws a strap to Grimes but Grimes walked away.

Review: Pretty good match. Wasn’t anything amazing but it just put a spotlight on Grimes to lead up to another match against Lumis possibly at WarGames.

Grimes denied that he is scared of Lumis backstage. Regal confronted him and announced that he is facing Lumis in a Strap Match at WarGames.

Rhea Ripley was in the ring. She said Io was one of the toughest competitors that she has stepped in the ring with. She claimed the hug with Io was respect for Io and she is here to stay. She said she will not stop until she is Women’s Champion. Candice LeRae came out to interrupt and mocks her. Candice claimed Io had help to beat Candice but Io beat Rhea on her own. Candice claimed she can talk the talk and walk the walk. Her team comes out with Io who was out cold. Rhea went after them but she was outnumbered. Candice, Toni, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez beat down Rhea in the ring.

Footage showed Xia Li and Boa who look horrible be driven to a building. They go inside and beg for forgiveness to someone. A hand gives Xia a mark on her hand.

Ever Rise was in the ring for a match until The Grizzled Young Veterans came out of nowhere and beat them down. They reintroduce themselves and they claim they will be NXT’s #1 tag team.

Candice was interviewed about what happened with Rhea and she said she is putting anyone that joins Shotzi’s team on notice. Johnny joins her in the car and claims he is getting back his North American title. There was another Ghostface in the car with them.

Pete Dunne Defeated Kyle O’Reilly In The Ladder Match To Gain The Advantage For His Team

Review: Really awesome main event! These two really killed each other in it and I got no problem with Dunne winning since you got to stack the deck against the babyfaces.

Overall Review: It was a different show in that it was really promo and interview heavy. I liked that it was different in that way but maybe it was a little too heavy on the interviews. There wasn’t a bad promo and not a bad match which is what we have come to expect from NXT.

Grade: 6/10


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