‘NXT’ (12/23) Results And Review: A Gargano Christmas, Female Star Returns And Attacks Women’s Champion, And More


NXT took place in the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. This show featured matches such as Rhea Ripley taking on Dakota Kai and Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against Drake Maverick and Killian Dain in a Street Fight. Plus, Johnny Gargano and his group “The Way” present “A Very Gargano Christmas.”

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Oney Lorcan And Danny Burch Defeated Drake Maverick And Killian Dain In A Street Fight To Retain The NXT Tag Team Championship

A video was shown of the Gargano’s decorating their house with Christmas decorations. Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory are excited about opening their presents. Gargano scolds Theory for mentioning No Way Jose and tells him to put the cookie down. They give Theory a Gargano whey protein powder.

A highlight video was shown of Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor reliving their NXT title match at NXT TakeOver. Fin says he could tell Kyle is confident. Kyle says it pisses him off watching how much he was beat down in the match. Finn says he won the match but all people remember is Kyle breaking his jaw. He said there will be no trilogy. Kyle claims that at New Years Evil, he will shatter Finn’s legacy.

Tyler Rust was interviewed about his debut last week and Malcolm Bivens said he had the most impressive showing in NXT history. He said Rust is going to show why he is a diamond in the rust.

Isiah “Swerve” Scott Defeated Jake Atlas

Scott gloated on the win and arrogantly extended his hand but Atlas left angry.

Adam Cole was interviewed about Kyle O’Reilly’s title shot against Finn. Cole said this is a different Kyle O’Reilly and he will win the NXT title. Velveteen Dream interrupted saying Kyle is the head of the group while Cole is a cheerleader. Cole slapped him across the face saying there is no leader in the Undisputed Era and he challenges him to a match tonight.

Timothy Thatcher cut a video promo saying that Ciampa doesn’t like people who try to be tough guys but he’ll be doing that when he faces Leon Ruff later on.

Rhea Ripley Defeated Dakota Kai

Raquel Gonzalez came to the ring after the match. Referee’s tried to separate them. Both women clashed in the ring but referee’s and producers separated them.

The Gargano’s are shown again at the house. Indi Hartwell opened up a present and it was a PS5. There was no PS5 in it but Gargano tells her that he gave her something even better. he names her Indi Wrestling. She loves it and Theory cries tears of joy.

Toni Storm was interviewed saying that Io Shirai has a problem on her hands and it’s Toni, claiming in 2021 she will take the Women’s Championship from Io.

A video was shown of Xia Li training intensely. Boa gets punished with kendo stick shots and kicks to the chest from Xia. Boa and Xia look ready.

Bronson Reed Defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis

McKenzie interviewed Io Shirai about what Toni Storm said about her and she said yes. She made her way to the ring. Io picked up a mic and a chair and brought it into the ring. She calls out Toni Storm. Toni’s theme song hits but Mercedes Martinez appeared out of nowhere and attacked Io. Mercedes attacked her all around ringside. Martinez threw Io into the announce table, breaking the bottom of it.

The Gargano’s are shown again. Johnny gives Candice a gift and it’s the wheel of Shotzi’s tank that Candice destroyed. He has everyone gather for a Christmas photo and Theory spits out powder as the camera snaps the picture.

Leon Ruff Defeated Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher attacked him outside the ring. Ciampa came down to the ring and planted Thatcher with Willow’s Bell. He tells Thatcher that he’ll see him in the fight pit.

A video showed Damien Priest talking about Karrion Kross not being as bad as he thinks he is. He says he will punk Kross out at New Years Evil.

Dexter Lumis was shown drawing a picture of Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez. He puts on the drawing that they will face at New Years Evil in a Last Woman Standing Match.

Tyler Rust Defeated Ariya Davari

Leon Ruff was interviewed about his win against Thatcher. He said he is excited about the win and reveals that next week he will challenge Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship

A video promo of Karrion Kross talked about how Priest always finds himself in trouble. He tells Priest he made the biggest mistake by calling Scarlett smoke show. Kross says once he is done with Priest he will get back the NXT title that he never lost. Scarlett says that doomsday is coming for Priest.

Adam Cole Defeated Velveteen Dream

Cole looked at the camera and said the NXT Championship is coming back to the Undisputed Era. The show ends.

Overall Review: This was an average solid show. The show was mostly a build up for New Years Evil. The matches were pretty good but nothing really noteworthy. The Gargano’s segments were the highlights of the show. It was the most entertaining of the night. The Street Fight was a good way to kick off the show but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and I don’t think this kind of rivalry needed a street fight. I was surprised Mercedes Martinez made her return and it looks like she will possibly be challenging Io for the title next at New years Evil which that will be a killer match. The Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez confrontation could’ve been a little better with how they build for their Last Woman Standing Match at New Years Evil because it was too much of a standard brawl with referee’s holding them back. The ref’s should’ve been in the ring from the start ready to break those two up but instead they’re just surrounding the ring outside until Rhea and Raquel brawl which looked very hokey. The Xia Li video packages are always something I look forward to and I hope they really give her a great push out of this.

Grade: 6/10

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