‘NXT’ (12/30) Results And Review: Year End Award Winners Announced, North American Title On The Line, And More

NXT took place inside the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. This was the last show to build up towards next week’s New Years Evil special. Plus, the winners of the NXT Year End Awards are announced.

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Bronson Reed Defeated Isiah “Swerve” Scott

William Regal presented the breakout Star Of The Year. He announced the nominees and revealed the winner to be Shotzi Blackheart. Shotzi appeared saying it has been a dream to be in NXT and she is letting the good times roll into the new year.

They showed Leon Ruff arriving at the Capital Wrestling Center with Jake Atlas. The Way entered the Center and Gargano freaked out after he saw a black cat in the hallway. He said it is bad luck.

Grizzled Young Veterans Defeated Breezango

Ever Rise confronted the Veterans after the match but the referee was stopping them until the ref had enough and left the stage.

Regal presented the Tag Team Of The Year Award and announced Undisputed Era as the winner. The Undisputed Era gloat about their win saying they have been running the show and no sign of slowing down. Cole tells them to keep the momentum going with the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

A video promo shows Xia Li and Boa training. Their master puts a mark on their face and smoke in their direction. They follow the master a light. The video ends with the words next week appearing.

Mercedes Martinez Defeated Valentina Feroz

Mercedes says into the camera that everyone in the women’s locker room is on her radar.

Regal presented the Female Competitor Of The Year and announced Io Shirai as the winner. Io thanks everyone for voting for her and says that this women’s division is the best.

Regal presented the Male Competitor Of The Year and announced Adam Cole as the winner. He accepted the award and said he couldn’t have done without the Undisputed Era. He said he can’t wait for Kyle O’Reilly to bring the NXT title back to the group.

Pete Dunne Defeated Roderick Strong

Regal presented the Match Of The Year Award and announced Finn Balor vs. Kyle O’Reilly for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver 31 as the winner. Finn said he doesn’t need the award but he’ll take Kyle’s and give it to him. Finn ran into Dunne and he tells Dunne that if he wants a title shot he needs to get in line. Finn walked out to the ring.

Finn was in the ring as they came back from commercial. He got on the mic saying Kyle surprised a lot of people at TakeOver. He said he deserves the award and wants to come get the award. Kyle immediately comes out before Finn could finish the sentence. Kyle gets the award. Finn said he doesn’t need a trophy to remind him of the match. He said he’s got metal plates in his jaw to remind him of the match. Kyle said the award is proof that he belongs on the top of NXT but he doesn’t need it because it’s a participation award. He said next week he leaves his respect at home and he’ll do whatever it takes to become champion. Finn says he’ll do everything in his power to make him suffer. He said he’ll make Kyle pay and make sure he realizes that he shouldn’t have pissed off Finn the first time. Scarlett and Karrion Kross came out. She said the NXT title belongs to them. She said it is irrelevant who wins next week because their fate is already sealed. Kross said that doomsday is here, tick tock. Damien Priest appeared behind Kross and the two of them went face to face. He tells Kross that this is how he steps to him like a man. Priest landed a right hand and the two brawled on the stage. Kross and Priest brawled and crashed through the plexiglass with the steel on it. They brawled all over the tech area. Kross landed the back suplex on Priest through two tables in the area. Scarlett laughed as the two of them were being helped by referees.

A video promo for Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez was shown. She talks about how Raquel and her were best friends in the beginning of her WWE career. She said they were closer than sisters and got matching tattoos. She said Raquel was not the same person she knew back then. She said Raquel’s ego got in the way and was jealous of her success.

Legado Del Fantasma was in the ring. Escobar tells them to look around and enjoy the moment. He gloats about the year they have had and he has had. He said the awards are a shame. He said he is here to dominate and that’s what he has been doing. He says no challenger can touch him and won’t find anyone who can be in the ring with him. Santos claimed in 2021 their dominance will continue. All of a sudden, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado came out. Lince tells Santos that he does not own lucha libre because it is for everyone. Legado Del Fantasma got offended. Lucha House Party came to the ring and knocked them out of the ring twice and landed suicide dives onto them. The referee tells them that Regal made a tag team match to happen with Legado Del Fantasma and Lucha House Party.

Lucha House Party Defeated Legado Del Fantasma

Regal presented the Future Star Of The Year Award and announced Austin Theory as the winner. Austin accepted the award. Candice told him to share with Indi. He said he has truly found the way and Johnny will break the title curse. Johnny flips out and tells him he can’t say the c word. He throws the protein shake and it breaks the mirror. Johnny freaks out saying he has to go.

Regal presented the Overall Competitor Of The Year and awarded it to Io Shirai. Io said she is so honored and thanks everyone.

Johnny Gargano Defeated Leon Ruff To Retain The North American Championship

Dexter Lumis appeared on the platform. A drawing popped up on the screen showing that Santos Escobar will take on Gran Metalik for the Cruiserweight Championship at New Years Evil. They run down the card for next week. The show ends.

Overall Review: For a show that was the last one before a bigger show next week, I thought they did a really good job with how they were building to each match. The matches in the first hour was pretty good but they weren’t too engaging. They were mostly just fill in matches. I thought the second hour was better in terms of matches. I also thought they had the right winners for the year end awards. So other than that, I thought it was another solid edition of NXT.

Grade: 6/10