‘NXT’ (12/9) Results And Review: Former Champion Returns, Finn Balor Appears, And More


NXT took place at the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida and it was the fallout show from War Games. Advertised on the show was the return of the NXT Champion Finn Balor. Plus matches featuring Raquel Gonzalez taking on Ember Moon and Tommaso Ciampa facing off against Cameron Grimes.

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The show kicked off with the NXT Champion Finn Balor in the ring. He says that War Games is over and the time for team sports is done. He was about to say that if anyone wants to back wants to face him they better come out until Pete Dunne came out to the ring. Pete tells Finn that they came from the same background. He says he will put Finn back on the shelf and win the NXT title. Kyle O’Reilly interrupted saying that the Undisputed Era won War Games and he took Finn to the limit when they last fought. Kyle said they have unfinished business. Damien Priest interrupted Kyle saying that he has been looking forward to this for a while. He wants Finn for the title saying it is a marquee match. Pete says Priest couldn’t beat Ruff. Priest, Kyle and Pete start arguing as Finn left the ring. Finn said that he will defend the title at New Years Evil and the person who will face him then will be Regal’s job. Suddenly, Karrion Kross’ theme hits and Scarlett comes out to face Finn. Finn says he has a message for Kross and that when he is ready, Finn is ready. Finn leaves. Priest tells Scarlett that he wants to pick a fight with Kross. Scarlett laughs and leaves.

Pete was being interviewed backstage about confronting Finn until Killian Dain came out of nowhere to attack him. Officials separate them.

Jake Atlas Defeated Isiah Swerve Scott

Atlas extended his hand to Scott but Scott left angrily.

Tommaso Ciampa was in a video promo saying that nobody is safe. He tells Cameron Grimes that he is loud, brash, ignorant and confident but insecure. He tells Grimes that he is going to find out if he is either confident or insecure.

Grizzled Young Veterans Defeated Imperium And Ever Rise In A Triple Threat Tag Match

All the participants from the War Games matches talked about their experience in the match. Bobby Fish says that he had to have surgery after the match.  It was also revealed that Candice had broken her arm in the match.

Toni Storm was interviewed asking why she turned on Ember and said she chose the right team because Team Candice won. She said Ember stole her thunder and claimed she is the next NXT Women’s Champion. Io confronted her and said she doesn’t have a problem with her, she just doesn’t like her. Io attacks her. The two brawl backstage and into the ring. Io knocked Storm down and was about to go for the moonsault until Storm rolled out of the ring. Ember Moon came down to attack Storm and threw her back in the ring. Io landed the moonsault onto Storm in the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa Defeated Cameron Grimes

Ciampa and Thatcher stared each other down after as Ciampa walked away. Grimes yelled at Thatcher and Thatcher took Grimes down by the ankle.

Raquel Gonzalez was interviewed about her match with Ember Moon. She gloats about pinning Io Shirai at War Games. She said that her friend Dakota Kai is sitting at home with an injury thanks to what Ember did to her in the War games match and she will make Ember pay in their match.

A video package showed Xia Li and Boa training intensely. Boa gets hit over and over with the stick as Xia trains until her leg is covered in blood.

The new North American Champion Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory came down to the ring. Gargano said they are the present and future of NXT. He said they are The Way. Candice said they dominated War Games as her team won War Games and Gargano won the North American title back. Gargano complained about getting stitches in his mouth from his match but continued to gloat about their victories. He called Candice Mrs. War Games. He has Hartwell give Candice a gift from Italy. He reveals it to be a trophy with Shotzi Blackheart’s head on it. Candice said she really appreciates it but she wish she could’ve gotten a gift for him. Priest interrupted saying congratulations to Johnny and Austin. He came down to the ring saying he is going to stick that pipe that Austin attacked him with up his ass. All of a sudden, Karrion Kross attacked priest from behind. Kross attacked him all over the stage and powerbombed him through a table there. Kross left the Center and drove away in the car with Scarlett.

Tyler Rust was being interviewed backstage about his involvement with Thatcher until Malcolm Bivens came up to him to offer a chance to speak with him. Rust goes with him.

Pete Dunne Defeated Killian Dain

McKenzie interviewed Leon Ruff about teaming with priest next week. He was about to answer until Gargano interrupted to mock Ruff about Priest not being able to be his partner after what Kross did to him. As him and Theory left, Kushida came up to Ruff and volunteered to be Ruff’s partner for next week.

Raquel Gonzalez Defeated Ember Moon

Toni Storm came out to the ring and was about to attack Moon until Rhea Ripley came down. Rhea into the ring but ended up going face to face with Raquel. Raquel left the ring leaving Rhea in there. The show ended.

Overall Review: This was a really good follow up to War Games. The matches were solid especially the Raquel/Moon match and the Grimes/Ciampa match. Everything else was what it was. The structure of the show was much different than how they have done it as of late as they started off with Finn. They also did promos with Toni and Io was cool and the Gargano’s having their promos which was entertaining. I’m really glad Kross is back as well. I hope he goes right after Finn in his first match but it looks like it’s going to be him and Priest which is cool but he should just immediately go after Finn for the NXT title since he never lost it.

Grade: 7/10


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