‘NXT’ (3/10/21) Review And Results: Next TakeOver Show Announced For ‘WrestleMania’ Week, Three Championships On The Line, And More

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NXT took place at the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. The show featured two big announcements by GM William Regal, one of them concerns the controversy with last week’s Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Speaking of championships, the Women’s title was on the line as Io Shirai defended it against Toni Storm. The NXT Championship was also up for grabs as Finn Balor puts it on the line against Adam Cole.

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The show opened up with Adam Cole and Finn Balor arriving to the Capital Wrestling Center as well Io Shirai and Toni Storm arriving.

Regal was in the ring talking about the two game changing announcements. He shows a video, announcing a two night TakeOver event for the first time ever on April 7th and the 8th called NXT Stand And Deliver. Regal has the women in the division on the stage. He praises them and has Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai join him in the ring. He is sorry that they got screwed last week so they made a decision that they will be the first ever NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Dakota and Raquel are really happy. Dakota says this is the most talented division in the world and claims they would’ve beaten all of them anyway to win the titles. They claim this title was made for them. Raquel says they will carry the titles for a long time. Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon congratulate them as they came down the ring. They challenge Dakota and Raquel for the titles tonight. Regal announces the tag title match will happen tonight.

Io Shirai Defeated Toni Storm To Retain The NXT Women’s Championship

Finn Balor cut a video promo hyping up the NXT title match. He says no one can back Adam Cole up now and it will be just Finn and him face to face. Finn said he beat Cole to win the title and he’ll beat him to keep it.

LA Knight was interviewed backstage. He said next week he will have his in ring debut and whoever he faces will find out how it will end up for them. Bronson Reed attacked him during the interview. Officials separated them and Reed tells him they are facing next week.

Pete Dunne Defeated Jake Atlas

Dunne got on the mic saying when people step up to him they end up like Jake Atlas. he says he is the best technical wrestler in the entire world and he dares anybody to prove him wrong.

Imperium cut a video promo talking about Thatcher and wants him to take his rightful spot in Imperium. They say they are doing all this for him and they’ll make it work for Tommaso Ciampa if Thatcher needs permission from him.

Leon Ruff cut a video promo saying he knew Swerve was a jerk the moment he met him. He said it wasn’t luck when he beat him two weeks ago and he has been holding it down since he came here. He says he will hold him down when he beats Swerve again next week.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon Defeated Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai To Become The NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions

Adam Cole cut a video promo backstage saying Kyle O’Reilly stepped out of line so he put him in his place. He reminded Strong as well who the leader is. He said Undisputed Era is dead when he says it’s dead and he got rid of the dead weight that has been on his back. He tells Finn he has played him like a fiddle because it always has been about the NXT title. He said Finn has been called the greatest NXT Champion ever but he has been the longest reigning champion beating people for it in NXT and the main roster. He says if Finn thinks his title reign is something special, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon are met with a standing ovation backstage after their title win. Candice LeRae and Inid Hartwell look in jealous and leaves. They go up to Johnny Gargano who asks where Theory is but then Theory shows up asking why Johnny paid off the therapist. He tells Theory therapy isn’t free and Theory agreed. Theory says he is mad about what Lumis said to him. Gargano says Lumis said all the nasty things about him including insulting his physique. Theory angrily rips off the shirt and says Lumis has crossed the line. He walks away as Johnny cheers him on.

Xia Li Defeated Kayden Carter By DQ

Kacy Catanzaro attacked Xia with a crutch. She tried to swing at Boa but Boa caught it and threw it down. Boa was about to go after Kacy until Kayden nailed Boa with the crutch and got Kacy out of the ring.

Jordan Devlin in a video promo talked about loving this time of year but not liking the Irish weather. He says it would be an awful shame to not having the NXT Cruiserweight Champion on the card for Stand And Deliver. He said his travel ban got lifted so he will come after Escobar to show him who the real Cruiserweight Champion is.

Zoey Starks was shown in a highlight package. She talks about living on the wrong side of the tracks and started wrestling at 18. She said she is blessed to be a part of NXT and this place is home. She said she is a striker and a grappler. She puts everyone here on notice and there is no limit to her.

Escobar complained to Regal backstage saying he is the real champion not Devlin. Legado Del Fantasma made their way to the ring as Escobar continued to talk trash about Jordan Devlin to Regal.

As Grizzled Young Veterans made their way to the ring, they called Legado Del Fantasma Santos Escobar’s puppets. They say they have been grinding in the ring being the best tag team on the planet and they will be NXT’s #1.

Legado Del Fantasma Defeated Grizzled Young Veterans

MSK dressed as Breezango attacked Grizzled Young Veterans and took out Gibson’s hand as payback. Breezango came in the ring and attacked Legado Del Fantasma. They take them out in the ring and celebrate with MSK.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez were interviewed about losing the tag titles. They are pissed and Raquel says it doesn’t matter because they were the first ever NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion regardless of how long they had it. Io Shirai confronted Raquel and says she wants Raquel next. Raquel tells her to be careful what she wishes for.

Timothy Thatcher was interviewed about Imperium trying to recruit him. Ciampa interrupted him saying he doesn’t know about Thatcher but he is not interested. He said he is more interested in Walter the UK Champion. He says they are facing Imperium next week and walks off.

Finn Balor Defeated Adam Cole To Retain The NXT Championship

Kyle O’Reilly came into the ring  and confronted Cole. Cole tried to low blow him but Kyle blocked it. Kyle went after him and the two brawled in the ring and around ringside. Kyle pushed the ref down as he was trying to stop the fight. Kyle beat Cole down as referees tried to stop him and Cole was trying to leave. Finn stood alone in the ring as he watched on with the belt. He turned around to see Karrion Kross staring down at him. Finn asks him what took him so long. The two went face to face as the show went off the air.

Overall Review: I really enjoyed this show than probably most of the shows they have done lately. They opened right away with Regal’s announcement that the next TakeOver will be a two night event to make it on the same level as WrestleMania. Also debuting the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships made sense especially with the women’s tag teams that they have created as a result of the Dusty Rhodes Tournament. Having Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai win it but then lose it to Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon I got no problem with. It was unexpected but it made sense because they wanted to give a historic accolade to Raquel Gonzalez so then after they do that, she can go on to finally face Io Shirai for the Women’s title possibly at the Stand And Deliver show which is more than likely the case. Speaking of Io, the match with Toni was great and a great way to kick it off especially after they had just introduced the Women’s Tag Titles in the opener. The rest of the matches on the show including the Pete Dunne match was what it was. Not much to really say about it. I’m surprised they didn’t have Cameron Grimes at all on this show with his money. I can’t wait to see LA Knight make his in ring debut next week as well as Jordan Devlin announcing his return to NXT after being secluded to his home country due to the pandemic. The NXT title match was really good too and it did what it needed to do to set up the blood feud with Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. Plus, I knew Karrion Kross was going to make an appearance afterwards to set up for Kross to be the next challenger for the title. So overall, the show was designed to plant the seeds for NXT Stand And Deliver and there really wasn’t much on the show to really gripe about.

Grade: 7/10


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