NXT TakeOver Toronto (8/10): LIVE Coverage

NXT Takeover Toronto

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The Street Profits vs. The Undisputed Era, NXT Tag Team Championship Match

The champs were out first and The Street Profits looked ready for war, as The Undisputed Era, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, were out next.

The match began hot and heavy as expected, with both teams trading the advantage back and forth. The Toronto crowd were chanting for both duos and the intensity was high, until Fish and O’Reilly took over.

The Street Profits soon regained momentum however and Montez Ford teased a People’s Elbow, but was blocked. He even hit a Uranage, nearly a Rock Bottom. The crowd began a “This is Awesome” chant, as The Undisputed Era took over once again. The advantage switched a few times, as both teams fought for control.

O’Reilly had Montez cinched up and in trouble, but Dawkins slammed Fish down onto him, breaking the submission. Ford finally made the tag and Angelo came in like a man possessed. Dawkins hit an Overhead Belly to Belly on O’Reilly, which led to Ford coming off the top rope with a Blockbuster. Fish broke up the pin, as the match began to hit a near-finishing point.

The match broke down into a fistfight between all four men, which eventually brought everything down to a standstill. O’Reilly was one-on-one with Ford, who super kicked Kyle out, then flipped over the top rope onto both men on the floor.

Dawkins then hit a spear on both Fish and O’Reilly, which led to Ford hitting a massive splash from the top rope down onto O’Reilly, who took the pin.

Winners and still NXT Tag Team champions: The Street Profits

A video package detailing the history between Io Shirai and Candice LeRae was shown next, which is leading to the showdown between both Superstars.


Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Shirai was out first, followed by LeRae, who came out with fists flying. But as soon as the bell rung, Shirai bailed to the floor, baiting LeRae to come out after her. Io then took over and suplexed Candice onto the ringside table!

Candice was in a bad way already and Io soaked up the hate in the middle of the ring. LeRae fought to get back to her feet and barely made it back in the ring before the 10 count. Io took over, mounting LeRae and pummeling her. This led to Candice attempting fo fight back, with a Flying Head Scissors, but to no avail as Io remained in control.

Io continued on the offensive, punishing Candice with one massive move after another. Finally, LeRae managed to make a comeback with a Brainbuster, but only got a two count. Candice was still selling the match as she locked in the Octopus on Io, who carried her to the ropes for the break.

Io then went for a 619, but LeRae countered with a neckbreaker through the ropes. LeRae kept moving, but Io hit a dropkick, nearly sending her crashing out onto the floor. Io hit a flying kick to the back of Le Rae’s head, but Candice flew through the ropes and hit Shirai with a DDT onto the floor.

Candice then hit a double stomp, but Io kicked out at two. This led to Io locking in a Crossface, but Candice fought her way out. LeRae tried to run the ropes, but Io was ready for her and hit a German Suplex, leading to Candice doing the same.

The match broke down and the Toronto audience once again chanted for both sides. Io flipped off the top rope, but Candice caught her face first into the turnbuckle. LeRae hit a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes, but did not get the three count on Io.

LeRae hit an Avalanche Spanish Fly off the top rope on Shirai! But she did not get the pin. Shirai hit a backbreaker and then went to the top, hitting a moonsault, but Candice kicked out! This one was down to the wire, as Io began to look desperate. She locked up Candice in a Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring and it was too much for LeRae to overcome, as she then tapped out.

Winner: Io Shirai

The North American Championship match was up next, but Matt Riddle suddenly came through the crowd and called out Killian Dain, who came out. The two men brawled in the ring and up the ramp, though the referees tried to stop them. The security finally broke up the fight, but Riddle snapped and took out several guys on stage.

The brawl continued until Dain tried to put Riddle through the LED board at the top of the ramp. Suddenly, Dain grabbed a member of security and sent both him and Riddle off the ramp and down through a table on the floor!

A video package detailing the history between Velveteen Dream, Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne was shown, as the title match is now back on track.


Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne, NXT North American Championship Match

Suddenly, The Mountie’s entrance music played and dancers came out on stage, leading to the Toronto Raptors dancers coming out next. This was a precursor to The Velveteen Dream’s entrance.

The crowd was red hot for Dream and this led to Roderick Strong coming out next. Pete Dunne was the third man out, to a great ovation from the Toronto crowd.

The match began with all three men in the ring and Dream showboated for the Toronto crowd. The fun and games soon ended however, as the fists began to fly. Dunne and Strong battled first, with The Bruiserweight nailing Roddy with a strong lariat.

Dream was in next and collided with Dunne, who took his time and measured up his opponent until Strong pulled him out. Dream and Strong were back in the war, as the champ gained control. Dune and Dream formed a brief alliance, double teaming Strong, until they then began to fight in the middle of the ring.

Strong took over, nailing both men with one punishing move after another. Roddy was in full control for a good deal of time, until The Dream began to take over. He locked Strong in the Sharpshooter and the Toronto crowd loved the move. Dunne came off the top rope however, hitting Dream and breaking the hold.

Dunne hit a flip off the ring apron onto both Dream and Strong, which eventually led to all three men getting back in the ring. Dunne was in firm control and having his way in the match, but it did not last long. The match broke down in a three-way brawl, as the crowd erupted in applause.

Eventually, the match slowed down once again and all three men ended up on the ropes, but then crashed down hard onto the mat. Strong was back to his feet first but was locked in a triangle from Dunne, though the hold did not last long. Roddy got out but then Dunne locked him in again, trapping him in the corner. Dream climbed the opposite turnbuckle and sailed across the ring, hitting a coast-to-coast elbow!

Strong then took over again, nailing both men with running elbows, then slamming Dunne down onto The Dream. Strong then cinched in both Dream and Dunne in a double Stronghold! Roddy was unable to maintain the hold, leading to Dream trying to carry both men on his shoulders. Strong hit Dream with a high knee and then Dunne hit Roddy with the Bitter End, but Dream broke up the pin.

Dream hit Dunne with the Dream Valley Driver, but Roddy threw him out and tried to pin Dunne after hitting a backbreaker. The Dream suddenly came back in and stopped the pin, then covered Dunne for the win.

Winner and still NXT North American champion: The Velveteen Dream

The history between Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim was spotlighted next and the NXT Women’s Championship Match is on deck for TakeOver!


Shayna Baszler vs. Mia Yim, NXT Women’s Championship Match 

Yim was out first, followed by the champ, who was without her Four Horsewomen teammates, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. The crowd was still breathless after the NXT North American title match however, but both Baszler and Yim looked ready to go.

The match started off with a lock-up, as both women were studying each other. Yim began to play dirty however and Baszler didn’t quite know how to react. It was obvious that Shayna was out of her element and Mia soon took over.

Mia slammed Shayna shoulder-first into the steel steps and began working over Baszler’s right arm. She trapped Baszler’s arm behind the steps, then dropkicked the steps. Mia made a move to get back on Baszler, but the ref stopped her, leading to Shayna getting the drop on her.

Baszler then gained full control, stomping Mia’s left arm in the middle of the ring. She began working over Yim’s arm and the crowd finally began to respond with some support for the challenger. Baszler continued to sell her own arm, but stayed on the attack against Mia.

Yim tried to get back in the match, but Shayna remained on top. Every time Mia was close to getting an advantage, she was shut down. Finally, Mia gained control took over in the match. Yim came off the rope onto Baszler, but it was an awkward collision. The two ran the move again and this time, it was successful. The Toronto crowd began to boo however, though both women remained on the move.

Mia locked in the Tarantula on Baszler, then climbed to the top rope. Shayna climbed up with her and attempted a side suplex, but continued to sell the arm. Yim mounted Baszler and came off the top with an Avalanche Code Blue, but did not get the pin.

Baszler came back and locked in the Ciri Futa Clutch, but Yim fought her way out. She took over and Shayna looked to be in trouble, but Baszler once again locked in the clutch. Yim fought out again and Baszler then eventually locked Mia around the head with her legs. This was too much for the challenger and Yim tapped out.

Winner and still NXT Women’s champion: Shayna Baszler

The main event is next!


Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano, 2-out of-3 Fall Match for the NXT Championship 

Pitch perfect for the Canada crowd, Gargano came out in yellow and blue Wolverine gear. Gargano was ready to brawl and Cole took his time coming out to the ring. Finally his music started and it was time to go to war.

Gargano was announced first and was booed by the Toronto crowd. The fans were firmly in Cole’s corner as the match began, but the chants soon switched between “Adam Cole” and “Johnny Wrestling.”

The match began at a very even pace, but eventually picked up. Gargano went on the offense first, working over Cole’s right knee. The champ did fight back however and slammed Gargano back-first onto the ring apron from the floor. Adam then took over, targeting Gargano’s neck. He hit Johnny with a neck breaker and then locked Gargano in a head scissors on the mat.

Gargano did get out of the hold and got back on the attack, but it was not to last long. Both men were selling the match, which eventually became a slugfest in the middle of the ring. Gargano took over however and hooked him for a Fisherman’s Driver, but only got a two count on the champ. Johnny Wrestling went back after the right knee of Cole and that attack led to Gargano locking in the Figure-Four.

Cole crawled to the ropes and broke the hold, but Gargano stayed on the offensive. This did not last long, as Cole would not be denied. The champ regained full control of the match and went for the Panama Sunrise, but Gargano reversed into an Amore Driver on the mat. Gargano only got a two count as well and this one continued.

Cole went for the ring apron bump again, but Gargano reversed it and hit a Thunderstruck DDT back into the ring. But Cole took over and hit the Oshi Garoshi on Gargano. Cole then began to punish Johnny and was admonished by the referee for refusing to answer the count. Cole then went for a steel chair but was reminded that the first fall is indeed a straight up wrestling match.

But when the ref took the chair and turned his back, Cole kicked Gargano between the legs and nearly got a three count. Cole then sat in the chair and mocked Gargano. The champ argued with the ref and as soon as he turned back, Gargano hit him with a Superkick. Johnny Wrestling then hit Cole with the steel chair and was immediately disqualified.

Winner of the first fall by DQ: Adam Cole

Gargano smiled at the crowd and then began attacking Cole with the chair. The second fall begins and it is the street fight!

Johnny Wrestling was in full control, taking Cole outside the ring and fighting him through the crowd. Gargano and Cole traded punches and the champ came back, but Gargano remained on the attack. Gargano put Cole in an office chair and pushed him straight into a table outside the ring. Gargano then splashed Cole through the ring barricade!

Cole and Gargano battle for control on the announcer’s tables, with Johnny flipping Cole over in a backdrop through the table. Gargano threw Cole back into the ring, but shook his head “no.” Gargano then pulled a table out from under the ring, followed by a second one. The crowd began chanting “Johnny Tables.”

But Cole hit a Shining Wizard onto Gargano, then the Oshi Garoshi on the steel chair. But Gargano managed to kick out at two. Gargano launched Cole into the second turnbuckle and then trapped the champ in the Gargano Escape hold, leading to Adam tapping out.

Winner of the second fall by submission: Johnny Gargano

NXT General Manager William Regal decided the third fall stipulation beforehand and that stipulation was a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire! The cage also contained weapons, from chairs to a shovel, to many other instruments of destruction!

The only way to win the third fall is by pinfall or submission, no escape. Cole and Gargano squared off in the middle, until they both ended up with kendo sticks. They attacked each other and hit a double Superkick as the crowd erupted. Gargano used a steel chair to get back to his feet, then climbed up the turnbuckle for the ladder.

Cole followed him up and was immediately put down by Johnny Wrestling. Gargano then hit a reverse-rana, followed by another hard kick to the head. But Cole soon took over once again and the match then became a battle of weapons. The champ then sat Gargano on the top turnbuckle, grabbed him for a suplex, but was knocked down. Johnny then reached over his head and grabbed a fire extinguisher nozzle, spraying Cole in the face.

Gargano then came off the ropes with a DDT on Cole through the steel chair. Johnny began using a kendo stick once again, but tuned his attention to a sledgehammer at the top of the cage. Cole followed him up and was sunset flipped off hard onto the mat. Johnny then pulled down the sledgehammer but Cole blocked any movement and then hit the Panama Sunrise off the top rope, resulting in only a two count.

Cole then climbed a ladder and once again hit the Panama Sunrise on Gargano, who again kicked out at two. Cole maintained control, as the match broke down. Eventually, Gargano hit his own Panama Sunrise off the topes, but did not get the win.

Johnny Wrestling clipped off a strand of barbed wire from the cage and was determined to use it on Cole. The champ climbed to the other corner and the two men sat on top of the cage, slugging it out. But without warning, Gargano and Cole both came flying off the top and through the table in the ring. Cole’s arm was on top of Gargano and the referee counted three.

Winner and still NXT champion: Adam Cole


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