NY Giants Injury Catalog

UltimateNYG has written extensively about NY Giants (and NFL) injuries over the past year.  Our work actually dates back to 2009 when the problem first surfaced.  We catalog our research, editorials, important external links and conclusions here in one place.  At the end is a table with injury data for all 32 teams. This glossary is ongoing with new information added sequentially.

2009 Hamstrings
This is the first time we noticed a problem.  7 NY Giants players had hamstring injuries. It also marked the first year in the series where the NY Giants racked up more injuries than the average NFL team.

Adjusted Games Lost
A major hat tip to Football Outsiders, the blog that annually compiles AGL data which enabled this site to research the NY Giants injury trend.  The link above is the supporting documentation to all of our fact-based statistics.

8 years of Round 1 NY Giants Draft Choices and Their Injuries
One of the threads of structural injury issues for the Giants.

Statistical Conclusion: NY Giants Have a Major Structural Issue with Injuries
This was where the picture became clear, where 6 years of data came together in October 2014.

2012 National Football Post Article on the Denver Broncos Strength & Conditioning Program
Seminal piece on the changes afoot inside the NFL.  Major assist to Glenn Warciski of NYG Underground who originally pointed us to this gateway.

Will Beatty Injures Pectoral Muscle
This piece forced us to sort through 6 years of AGL data more aggressively, sorting the Giants vs the other 31 teams.

Luke Richesson
A closer look at what other NFL teams are doing.  More research performed on mitigating data re Reese Free Agent signings, playing surfaces etc..

Mainstream Media Crime of Omission
Mainstream media lack of coverage and a rebuttal of the common accepted excuse that luck is responsible for the Giants injury problems.

Walter Thurmond’s Candid Insider Revelations on NY Giants Antiquated S&C Program
Another major supporting document in piecing together the truth about the source of the NY Giants injury problems.

Pat Hanlon’s Embarrassing Rebuttal of Walter Thurmond
By attempting to refute Thurmond’s comments, Hanlon goes further in proving the NYG structural injury problem.

FabriWorld Fitness Examination of NY Giants S&C Program
A micro analysis of injury prevention indicates the need for significant amounts of flexibility training, which is most likely missing from the NY Giants program.

Two Professors Confirm UltimateNYG Fitness Contentions
Two medical doctors who specialize in Sports Medicine corroborate FabriWorld’s conclusions about Giants injury problems.  ALSO: Who is Jason George, and why his name matters to understanding the injury problems which continue to plague the Giants.

A Plethora of NY Giants Muscle Injuries Surface in the 2015 Season
Another year, another pile of injuries for the NY Giants.  Year 7?! Coincidence or Mismanagement?

Former Round 1 Draft Pick Says Giants are Old School, Don’t Use Enough Flexibility Training
An NFL player from a Top 16 Ranked AGL Injury Team (see table below) says his team uses much more flexibility training than strength training, while the Giants have a reputation for the complete opposite approach.

Who Is the Most Powerful Man in the NY Giants Organization That Isn’t Named Mara?
Find out who the man behind the NY Giants injury curtain really Is. With great power comes great responsibility.

NY Giants Dead Last Again in 2015 Games Lost to Injury
Football Outsiders compiled 2015.  We compiled 2009-2015 (see table below). Even more more importantly, read about Shannon Turley of the Stanford Cardinals.

Glossary Table of NFL Team AGL Injury Rates and Ranking

7 Seasons (2009-2015)
Team Rank AGL
MIN 1 46.8
NYJ 2 47.9
TEN 3 49.3
BAL 4 50.3
DEN 5 50.3
PHI 6 52.5
NO 7 52.9
MIA 8 53.0
KC 9 53.8
ATL 10 54.9
CIN 11 55.7
HOU 12 56.0
SF 13 56.2
DAL 14 56.8
CHI 15 58.0
ARI 16 60.0
SEA 17 60.5
PIT 18 62.8
DET 19 63.4
OAK 20 66.4
TB 21 66.9
STL 22 67.1
BUF 23 67.7
JAC 24 68.6
GB 25 70.2
CAR 26 71.8
CLE 27 72.8
SD 28 73.8
NE 29 77.8
WAS 30 78.9
IND 31 89.8
NYG 32 98.9




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