Oakland Raiders Give Gabe Jackson His Money

The Oakland Raiders drafted most of their core of 2014 and the time to pay these guys has come. So they picked up OLB Khalil Mack’s rookie option and signed QB Derek Carr to a big extension. From that point, we all knew OG Gabe Jackson was next in line to get paid by the Raiders.

He didn’t have to stand in line very long either, agreeing to an extension just one week after. Give credit to GM Reggie McKenzie, who doesn’t play with such matters regarding his good players. From Day 1 in 2014, he has been one of the main blocks in building the best offensive line in the NFL.

We all saw the difference between the Raiders with and without Carr when he broke his leg last year. And no one protected him any better than Jackson, who didn’t give up a single sack in 2016. That makes him an important man so the Raiders are giving him $56 million over five years according to NBC.

At some point soon, Mack will be up along with WR Amari Cooper and DL Mario Edwards Jr. So the Raiders aren’t far from that place where they have to decide who to keep and who let go of. So Raider Nation may not want to get too attached to the high-priced veterans Raiders has signed lately.

Just win, baby!