Oakland Raiders have an interesting QB room this season

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens

What are the Oakland Raiders up to with all of these quarterbacks?

At this point, it’s best to not try and figure out what Jon Gruden and his Oakland Raiders front office are doing. Just let him be. I mean, how many average-to-bad quarterbacks does one team need? More importantly, why does a team still need Nathan Peterman into the mix?

We’ll touch on that later though. Recently, the Raiders made yet, another signing. On Tuesday, it has been announced that the Raiders brought on another quarterback by signing Landry Jones, the former Pittsburgh Steelers’ passer. That move comes one day after Gruden made it known that he plans to roll with Derek Carr under center in 2019. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

With their newest signing, the Raiders now have four quarterbacks on board. Considering that they have a few first-rounders in an NFL Draft with quite a few first-round prospects on board, I can’t imagine a scenario where Oakland doesn’t take a quarterback. So make that five quarterbacks on the board come April.

Who won’t make the cut in Oakland?

Assuming that the Raiders take a passer in the first round, who will be the odd man out in Oakland? The public consensus would probably vote Peterman, but for some reason, he seems liked by the Raiders. After all, they were brave enough to sign him in the first place.

If the Raiders do happen to draft a quarterback, they might end up in a good situation at the position. Carr could have a much better season as he has better weapons around him, and their brand new quarterback could sit out a season and watch and develop. Right now though, their quarterback room just has a bunch of lousy quarterback’s who have proven at one point that they are no better than any other backup quarterback in the league.

Once again, Jon Gruden is just out in Oakland doing the strangest things. He must really be on the hunt for the league’s best backup quarterback this season. After all, Nick Foles is a starter now in Jacksonville. So that title is wide open for Gruden to take.


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