Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

Last night I watched the Kings feed while listening to the Coyotes radio broadcast. The radio broadcast was, on average, 10 seconds ahead. I knew what would happen before I would see it. It sitll did not stop me from being on the edge of my seat, freaking out for the last 2 minutes or so.

The Coyotes barely got the win but they got it none-the-less. Last night was the night for dmen scoring as Yandle and Aucoin both got us some goals. The other goal was Marty’s off the faceoff. It was a fantastic goal. Shane Doan and Petr Prucha deserve some goals. Those two get so close everytime they step out on the ice.

Some bad news, the Kings broadcast showed Winnik on the bench during the second. He was being worked on by the trainer and you could tell that boy was in pain. He did not come out for the 3rd. The Coyotes radio feed said he was hurt but gave no further details. All the Coyotes site says is an undisclosed upper body injury and the severity and length he will be out is unknown. Um, Winnik and Fiddy cannot be injured at the same time. What will happen to my PK??

Great news: Tippett played Sami. Bad news: Sami took a questionable hit by a Kings player (um, pretty sure that was an elbow to the head..) but there was no call. Good news: all the boys on the ice came over to take care of business. Ahhhh, they love the dancing Sami like I do. (note: Jovo was not on the ice at this time, if he had been he would have just stood back in watched).

Jovo is still not much of a team player, but when someone hits him? Oh yah, he wants to kill the dude. Ok Jovo, now just get that attitude when someone hits a skilled player on your team, such as Vrbata…

Bryz played an average game until the last 2 minutes. Lombo got called (lame call, should not have been a call) and sent to the box for two minutes. The Kings pull Quick to have the 6 on 4 advantage. Then the refs make a crap call on Vandypants and he goes to the box. 6 on 3? You have got to be kidding me! Then Bryz and our PK really step up and play balls to the walls for about the last minute. And, we win! Way to go boys. It was a hard fought win.

Side note: The Coyotes came out ready to play after the ceremony to honor Shane Doan (still working on my article for that). Unfortunately Kings forward Justin Williams was injured changing the momentum of the game for the Kings. Who brought that momentum back to the yotes? None other then Bizzy! He took on Greene and totally kicked his butt. Way to go Bizz!

Ok, off to work on my Shane Doan piece. I hope to have it up by tonight. Monday night we head to San Jose to take on the Sharks. This is going to be a big game. Eeeeeeeks. Good thing we usually play our best against the Sharks.

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